Finally decent optimization (1.6.0) Thoughts about latest patch.

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Thank you TW, finally I can play with comfort on my 1050. Finally you've fixed stutters with first kill in battle and sieges performance. There are still problems, but it is decent. Good job. I suppose, bad performance as in latest 1.5.X will not be repeated further and we will see only improvements.
About SP. Not many changes, still no keep battles and terrain system (or other wanted features), but! First time I tried to play Bannerlord with mods (Diplomacy, Kaoses Tweaks, AutoTrader) and SP feels much much better than Warband even with diplomacy mod. Without that mods, which reduce grind, make levelling system fair and more dynamic and interesting gameplay, game is still too grindy and boring. I want you to implement those features and reduce grind into vanilla version.
About MP. I really think, that you will present us Duel Mode in beta and this mode is polished and finally done to perfection. MP should be reanimated and rescued, because this is the lifeblood of M&B after all of us played SP several times. I expect, that you will provide us some fundamental changes and improvements in this part.
Verdict: both parts of the game still bad, but with mods SP is an enjoyable experience.
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