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Congratulations to M, Bloody Death and Wierdo, who took first, second and third. Yes it feels strange congratulating myself. Better luck next time to Fisk who came in at fourth. I don't remember a more closely-matched top 4 in a duel tournament, any of the matches could have gone either way. Really good stuff.

Final knockout bracket


Thanks to

Thanks to everyone who competed. It was a great housewarming for our new server and I hope some of you that have never joined a duel tournament before got a taste for it. Thanks also to our tourney admins Cleric Johnson and Rey who did a lot of the legwork in the busiest first stages. And to Captain Lust for format suggestions and providing a subforum which we probably didn't need despite the intimidating number of entrants.

Lessons for future tournaments

The GSL format as suggested by Captain Lust was very nice. Definitely a good alternative to round robin in pools. My mistake in the first stage was to not assign strict deadlines in this format which leaves some players waiting without an opponent, and in some cases penalised them with a very short overtime period to finish their groups when they'd made an effort to play previously. If you make a tournament, don't **** that up like I did ^__^

Despite that, even the dodgy first stage made some well balanced second stage pools with plenty of exciting match-ups, so it's clearly a good system if you get it right.


Your turn, give us some feedback what you liked and didn't like about this tournament so following ones can be even better gogo
tfw you practice super hard, run up to 6-6 sets in both semis and grand finals but people still think it was an easy win for you :roll:

Volshen said:
When will be M4 video?  :???:
I've got barely any free time now compared to when I made my other videos so I can't really make anything extravagant. I have something simpler planned but whether I find the time to get it all done is another thing 8(
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