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Which are more effective? Axemen or Warriors. I use Axemen at the moment, but I wonder if Warriors are more effective, and don't want to go through a whole cycle of training just to test it.


Warriors appear to be better armed and typically show up with a onehander+axe. The axemen appear to have a random chance of spawning with a war axe and throwing axes. They both have about the same armor. Axemen can upgrade into berserkers, so that's the only reason I would take them over warriors.


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Warriors always spawn witha  1h weapon, shield and sometimes random throwing weapons and upgrade into zerkers.
Axers spawn witha  1h axe or 2h axe and upgrade into Armored axers and Huscarls.

Should already answer your question. Axers all the way! Screw Fierdsvain arcers. Don´t waste anything on archers. If you need firepower, get some Ravenstern Rangers or Pendor Armoured Bowmen.


Dont warriors upgrade into Armored Axemen aswell? A lot faster too since theyre a lower level troop than Axemen.


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BimBam said:
Dont warriors upgrade into Armored Axemen aswell? A lot faster too since theyre a lower level troop than Axemen.
                            - Berserker
They do. Warrior -
                            - Armored Axeman.

So if you go Huscarls, it's easier to go the Warrior way.


Upgrading to Axemen is a mistake (only if your team's Training capability sucks and you need some stronger troops right now it can be considered as a right thing to do). Warriors have throwing weapons - welcoming addition to green horde. Warriors can be upgraded to Armored Axemen (or Berserkers) very fast. Armored Axemen are very strong troops, almost Huscarls, much better than simple Axemen with the same field role.


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It depends on your point of view - the axers are more heavily armoured than the warriors, have better stats and skills (thus higher level) and their short axes make them deadly in close combat. And that´s where I use them mostly :razz: up the ladder gogogogo!
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