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Fiefs, Kings, Duchies and petty nobles

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Hey Lads and laddies

It's almost 2am so I'm a bit lazy and didn't look through all the threads on the forums.. I just became curious about the fiefs..

Has there been any plans to make petty nobles, i.e. it annoys me that the smallest fief you can get is a castle and a couple of villages.. I would much prefer getting a single village and have a cluster**** of fiefs intertwined amongst one another and small petty squables over who owns which villages etc... Basically the entire noblesystem in Bannerlord is just.. not very thought through..


I think this was dropped back in 2016 or something (you own a village and you can built/expand it). This existed in Warband/VC if you want to give it a go.


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To be honest it's not as fun as it sounds, atleast with the current village mechanics. In the Original and Warband you always ended with bunch of villages scattered around the map. They were useless at best and often actual hindrance.
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