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Antiquity OSP 3D Art Ficus's Roman Pack

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Ficus's Roman Pack




This OSP pack contains:

Roman standard bearer armor
Roman standard bearer helmet
Roman boots/legs
Roman signum with different additions for making variations

Legal Notice:
You may use it in your mod freely as long as you give credit to this pack author; ficus.


All work shown is made by ficus, many thanks to him.

* Download Here*


Grandmaster Knight
Gothic Knight said:
Sahran said:

Damn son, that's ******** awesome.
Well, so much for the signum I was making.=/

Silly Gothic, be all the better to have twice as much high quality work and also get your signum! :grin: Perhaps you can do a Signum for a different legion, if they differed? Or the late Roman Draco windsock?
The one I'm doing is for Legio II, but I haven't finished it because I don't know what to do to paint the back of the sigum hand. And I really don't feel like using my own backhand as a reference.
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