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1. Is it more worth to ransom bandits than waiting for tournaments and farm them? I just recently sold 15 steppe bandits (a bit mixed) and got ~2k which seems quite nice. I used Manhunters because i, myself, have 0 in prisoner management.
Things is, with vaegir blunt cavalry, catching is super easy, but finding a ransomer can be quite annoying and time consuming, as can waiting for tournaments, so i'm wondering.

2. I don't wanna give away my well trained companions. When i start a new kingdom, can i just recruit some new companion and make him lord immediately? Or does something speak against that?

3. Is it just me or is archering way harder in Floris? I remember myself landing way more arrows in PoP or Native. I'm at Powerdraw 8 and ~200 Points and my bow crossair thingie is still as gaped as the grand canyon.

4. Can you capture Bandit heroes? I just destroyed one but didn't catch him and if yes, is there something special?

5. Does pumping up the difficulty at tournaments net you better items? If so, are there like %-threshholds? I usually make it so that all my companions are in and only 2-4 strangers so they level up their weapon points.

6. I don't get the Foraging skill description. Does it mean your party consumes less food?

7. Is it possible to disable that brown smoke horses do? It throttles my fps down to like 20-30 on a gtx 670 and an i5.

8. If i give my companions Spear, Sword, Shield. Will they properly switch to sword in melee? Does it help if i assign them to Cavalry with that Cavalry lance fix?
1. I always do both, participate in most of the tournaments that I come across and take out and sell bandit parties that are worth the time. You can also make some cash completing quests for guild masters/lords.

2. You can do that but they will mostly have poor stats and if they aren't nobles you could upset your other lords (if you have any :sad:).

You might want to level them up/give them equipment although you can assign the skill/statpoints they gain after becoming lords you won't be able to change their equips.

3. Sounds like you are using a bow with a high power draw requirement, try using one with around 4 PD required. You can effectively use the stronger bows when you have more proficiency/power draw.

4. No you can not, they always escape.

5. A higher point total seems to get me better items but I don't know if the difficulty matters.

6. Your party consumes the same amount of food but you (or your companion) goes out to the forest to pick berries or something so you don't have to feed your entire army with just one pot of butter if that makes any sense...

It does what it says on the in game notice, ''your party eats 20 units of food 10 from foraging'' meaning you only lose 10 units hurray  :grin:

7. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,148144.0.html

8. It's not too bad, I like that they try to create some distance to charge after getting stuck in a crowd and they switch to sword if the enemy is close up. I recently started equipping my companions with a twohander and bow + 2 x arrows and it works great. They tend to miss alot with onehanders on horseback because of the reach unless you use those really good super mega sarranid one handed scimitars.
1. Ransoming even low level troops is very profitable. With 15-20 prisoner capacity getting 1000 or more after one battle is not uncommon

6. For every point in Foraging your army needs up to 5 less food. You do not always forage the full amount and thus get a smaller food consumption reduction.
1. tournaments are good for money, you won't always win, they don't happen as the towns switch touranments many times, while prisoners are easy since bandits are many, but sometimes the town doesn't have ransom brokers. i say ransom
2. thats what i'd do
3. archery is harder, you have to aim higher
4. i think they can be captured in early versions
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