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Hello, I have few questions:

1. I heard there is a quest called "the holy relic" which gives the book Vulgata Biblia, where exactly it starts?
Someone said that the tavern keeper at Caer Manguid gives it but he doesn't.
I also saw a priest with green name in Norwic castle, what quest is that?
2. What exactly the realism "drowning in mission" does?
And also the realism upgrade, I don't get it, do you need more exp than normal for upgrade?
3. Is there a way to get the mail mittens and the lute without cheats?
4. Is there a way to get the Dyrnwyn? I know who has it, I killed his army many times (reloading) but doesn't drop
5. Can you spear brace in this mod?


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Which mod are you playing?
I changed the quest origins and the quests themselves in Reworked.
I would stay away from drowning.
The mail mittens are not available in BW 1.41 or Repolished.
They are somewhat rare in Reworked, but still findable.
I'll have to look the Dyrnwyn up.
No spear brace at this point. Only spear wall and shield wall.


Like I said in the title, the 1.41.
Ok but what the "drowning" does? I can't see any change.
What the "realism troops upgrade exp x2" does?
And the Lute, can you find it without cheats? Because I saw it increase the skill Entertain and it's cumulative with the Lyre.


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Trying getting in a boat battle and stepping off the side accidentally.
Half your men will die this way, by accident.
Upgrade X2 exp, means your troops and maybe companions will get double experience from combat.
The lute is sold in markets as a weapon.
You need to search very hard for it or just mod with Morgh's.


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I'd have to look that up.
You need to find a priest in a tavern in west britain around Ligaulid named Ulcaganis.
The quest is very easy and very poorly put together.

Reworked has the bishop of Alt Clut giving the quest.
You will find him in the Lord's hall.
You will have to fight a heretic sect of about 50 fighters in a remote location.
You get a relic and the bishop will give you the vulgata bible, which is worth 2 persuasion in Reworked.

I don't know of any quest at Norwic castle.
Can you tell me some of the details so i can locate it?
I would go there and see if there's a priest you can talk to.
Give me the exact words that he says so I can hunt down the dialog.


I cheated and checked everywhere, Ulcaganis not there.
The only guy I found is a tavern keeper at Caer Manguid, name Horsa Monolithus, but he doesn't give any quest.

The priest (name Priest) in Norwic castle says: Surrender or die. Make your choice
and my character answers: I'm not afraid of you. I will fight

Last question...
So I noticed there are 7 possible relations between kingdoms:
Trade Agreement
Defense Pact
Casus Belli
How do you make Trade, Defense and Alliance? and how the casus belli happens? Or is it random?
The minister doesn't seem to have this options.


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I think he's in the tavern of Caer Ligaulid.
That Norwic priest does not have his dialog set up properly.
"Surrender or die" is the default intro if nothing is setup.
What is his name when you approach him? I can fix that.

Those are automated in the scripts that run every day (or night in my mod).
There is a hierarchy from positive to negative relations.

Cause for war is real and usually caused by random roll.
All you see is that one village stole cows from another village.
You can start a cause for ward by raiding a village or caravan.


His name is: Priest

and no Ulcaganis not there, I checked everywhere, cities, castles, great halls, ports, taverns... I think I'll just cheat for it anyway it's not important if you have the crown or the noble tunic.

Thank you for answers.


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Are you sure it was Norwic castle? That maybe be enough for me to track down a hidden quest.


And Horsa Monolithus a hidden quest?
Anyway yes, look this screenshot


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that is a quest that is written in Eastern european variables, but translated to English.
To do the quest, you have to talk to the guild master of town 4 which is Oxenforda.

[anyone|plyr,"mayor_talk", [(eq, "$g_talk_troop", "trp_town_4_mayor"),
(quest_get_slot, ":quest_current_state", "qst_oim_trakay_icon", slot_quest_current_state),
(eq, ":quest_current_state", 1),
], "Your worship, can you tell me where I might find the local priest?", "oim_trakai_icon_radzivil_talk_1", []],
  [anyone,"oim_trakai_icon_radzivil_talk_1", [], "What need have you of him, {sir/madam}?", "oim_trakai_icon_radzivil_talk_2", []],
  [anyone|plyr,"oim_trakai_icon_radzivil_talk_2", [], "I would like to confess my sins and receive holy communion.", "oim_trakai_icon_radzivil_talk_3", []],
  [anyone,"oim_trakai_icon_radzivil_talk_3", [], "Hah, an amusing thought... Our priest would rather hit you with his censer, such a firebrand is he. As for his whereabouts, I must confess I know nothing. -- Either he remained in the city or fled to Lundenwic on one of the carts. Ask some of the townsfolk -- they may have seen him.", "close_window", [
(quest_set_slot, "qst_oim_trakay_icon", slot_quest_current_state, 2), 
(str_store_party_name_link, s10, "p_town_4"),
(str_store_string, s2, "str_trakay_radz_descr"), 
(add_quest_note_from_sreg, "qst_oim_trakay_icon", 4, s2, 1),, slot_quest_current_state),

Tell me what you find out if you start with this guild master.
(eq, ":quest_current_state", 1),


When I go to talk to Guild Master of Oxenaforda, he doesn't give me such a specific quest.
What can I do in the scripts to fix it?
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