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Forum thread for the OSP authors Broken_one, Barf and BrustwarzenLenny, indexing MBRepository files, so that modders don't miss them. In case any of the mentioned authors wants his stuff listed in an own thread, give me a note. One of them has already an own threads, I still wanted to list it again in context to the others since they are all related to each other and show the progress.

Female face model and textures replacer
by Broken_one
Life is cruel, why shall I bear the awful face even in a game? I just don't like the woman face in MB, so I made one myself.
Of course, the face model is adjustable just like Native.
I didn't make old face texture because I don't have such resources and it will take a long time to make old face normal map. Maybe I will add it later.

Female face model and textures replacer-temporary
by Barf
Updated version of Broken_One's face pack, older version here (should be updated soon).

-Optimized texture sizes.
-Option to add jewellery using the "beard" slot.
-Age slider re-enabled.

Female face model and textures replacer
by Barf
This is an updated version made by Barf. Many thanks to him, really nice work!

-Optimized texture sizes.
-Option to add jewellery using the "beard" slot.
-Age slider re-enabled.
-Mesh frames have been modified a little.
This OSP can also be found here.

More textures for Broken_one's female faces (v1.2)
by BrustwarzenLenny
I made new textures for this great new female face-mesh.
This package is meant as modder-resource, so don't ask me
how to put this ingame, because I'm not familiar with the
Module-System and don't know how :wink:

Update 1.1
- added 3 more faces (now there are 9 faces)

Update 1.2
- added painted faces
- edited the materials (bugs should be killed)
As SupaNinjaMan writes below, they are "mostly the same with some warpaint options".
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To be honest, I think face textures from Native are one of the things which are indispensable and superior to other ones of their kind. It also is a matter of universality, as people may want to use same faces in many mods.

Of course, I am not stating your effort is not worth it; thank you for bringing this up.
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