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Forum thread for the OSP author Subotai, indexing two MBRepository files (the author can have the thread reattributed to him/her on request should he/she become active again).

Female ninja outfit (for Onin no Ran)
Here's a fem ninja outfit and boot minimod for Onin no Ran, if you know how to import items and such you can include this in other mods or vanilla.

So far I'm encountering wierd problems with the gloves, but this armor can still be used if you are a fan of female assassins.

Female armor minimod
Original thread: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index...mor-minimod-release-v0-8-for-m-b-0-751.17728/
  • Female light plate
  • Female armoured bikini
  • Female plate armor (covered / uncovered versions)
  • Female leather jerkin - feminine version of the leather jerkin
  • Female lamellar cuirass - feminine version of the lamellar cuirass.
sorry guys that i havent been online much, real life is a bummer
i still can't update it due to the ineffectiveness of gmax due to rigging, so feel free to grab the work as long as the credits (namely other's work prior to mine) are there
I honestly doubt that anyone will ever use these crude assets from 2006; I also doubt that their author will ever go active again and start to care about attribution or credit, given that they last logged onto TW forum in 2013. Anyway, thanks for making it visible in The Forge.

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I know that probably no one will make use of them, the text is also more for a 'what would be if' scenario. In the end it's just about being fair and listing them at the OSP Resources as everything else.
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