SP Native Female armor minimod - release v0.8 for M&B 0.751

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sain bainuu!
ne ways - try asking the site manager of MBR

sorry guys that i havent been online much, real life is a bummer
i still can't update it due to the ineffectiveness of gmax due to rigging, so feel free to grab the work as long as the credits (namely other's work prior to mine) are there


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brasidus said:
I can tell a female in any kind of armour. My wife can spot me in any suit of armour out of a crowd of armoured people.

You want female armour?

Try this.


Nice armour. :grin:

Saying that though although the waist on that example is maybe narrower than a male armour (and bearing in mind that this is really only a 'half-armour'), otherwise there few other differences.  The breastplate for example has no 'bumps' or breast cones, as these would actually compromise the armour's effectiveness.

This is also a female armour (click on the thumbnail please):

The only difference between this and a male armour is the relatively bigger hips and thighs. :smile:


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Good to see reasonably recent activity here. :smile:

Subotai, I've noticed a significant issue with the feminine leather jerkin -- it's a little too short of a torso, leading to the lower part of the neck-and-head object "popping" out in a very jarring manner. I can send a screenshot of this problem if you like...

Also, do you have any plans for more "semi-realistic" armors? I need a few more placeholders. :wink: Thanks again for letting me use this for ASLOW, though...

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Sexay! lol The metal ones look like straight out of those old Heavy Metal mags, I'd love to see more... of that. Both of that. :lol:


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