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Just wanted to post and say a lot of the new stuff I have been seeing is seriously great stuff. Seriously well done Tale World's!

There have always been things to work on here and there, but as has been said "the games have had their issues but Tale World's has genuinely been trying and keeps working to improve."

Seriously, well done guys. It's a common sentiment among fans and it shows. You guys keep putting in the work to make this game great, and it really is.

I like the changes to the Charm perk, very nice. The siege towers now work perfectly. I've heard there's maybe one error that happened to a few, but I have not seen it yet, and I believe usually that was maybe one glitching troop out of all the troops going on the ladders, so 99% improvement. Excellent!
May be due to if someone has a high amount of troops loaded = 600
Not sure

All in all, seriously love the changes. Thank you for bringing back the ability to exchange weapons and armor for exp for troops, it helps tremendously. Being in war and trying to train exp without that ability would be really really hard, and with 2 wars at once it becomes too much without that exp boost

Thank you so much for all you've done. Major props
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