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Hey guys.

you don't want to hear it, but i am not impressed with this game.
This is a personal impression, a personal opinion, so no offence to you or the effeorts of the game makers.

after doing the easy campaign and came to the point where and endless stream of attackers makes senseful playing impossible I started a fresh
game on normal (Bannerlord) level.

First of all I found it funny that you can't change ingame the difficulty. WTF.
So I did the awful beginning grinding again. And it is a pain in the a** on bannerlord level. Buy pigs, hunt bandits (which are on Bannerlord level
quite hard at the beginning), money making isn't really fun; the beginning of the game is an awful frustration, even if you read the tips in the Internet.
You get too few money for prisoners. Everything feels at the beginning really awful.

Smithing is atm the only light at the horizon which give you a good income and some positive fun, while each enemy seems to be made
a tough guy and brings nearly nothing.

Fighting itself feels also not as satisfying as in warband. I don't feel this "Whoosh!!" effect from Warband when I strike and hit. It feels more "sst".
BTW "hit". Though neither my graphics card nor my processor is really at work Weapons tend to teleport through enemies without hitting.
I read best is to use a 2h Hammer. And in videos I see people use this or a 2h glaive. So... Reduced to few weapons which make sense.
Especially with those superblocking everhitting peasantmonsters.

So, the difference to Warband is mainly that the start was stretched to an endless grind at the beginning, that you best not come to the point where
further playing is senseless as the old Warband "clanleader-Roulette" which is just imported begins, and clans are transferred from 1 King to the other when beaten,
you beat 2 troops, there come 4 next. So grind at the beginning, endless grind at the endgame. Only that in Warband you can get this under control, here
it seems so hopeless that I don't even try it.

The clan-system is totally unnecessary and a waste of resources. this is not Crusader Kings II.
The complete smithing grind (which is atm important to make money) is totally useless for the game itself.
Animations in fights feel incomplete. It is often hard to see where the attack comes from.
The tavern games are really boring, not like in KCD which was fun.
The world map is too full of details and you can't lower them. I would love a switch for a strategic map mode.
It is really hard for my Eyes looking longer at the map.
The villages are hard to see. Some border lines around Cities, castles and villages?
The events section is too small again, hard to read, not configurable.
The overall strategic overview is hard to get with this interface.

I have to say, unfortunately, that this new game feels for me not as funny, fluent and satisfying as the old warband.
It feels like: Do better graphics, make the beginning a long disturbing grinding so that people don't find out that we
just copy-pasted so much code from Warband and that the endgame is really ****ty. Then plug some
crappy unnecessary stuff which isn't fun in the game so it feels somehow "complex" (though it isn't).
And voilá: game is finished.

It is a shame. I loved Warband....
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