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This mod immediately frightens off with its negligence and lack of attention to detail. So it seems that the creators of the mod really wanted and were in a hurry to finish the mod (or rather its very idea) to the end (if only it was), but did not bother to embody its quality. We were in a hurry to occupy this niche, which no one would have occupied without them. And most of all, they probably did not believe that the mod could interest anyone. As a result, we have a crude, objectively heavy, in many respects lacking proper optimization, and overloading with unnecessary scenes, and unprocessed details that distract from immersion in the gameplay. As a result, there is a realized idea of the mod, but the quality leaves much to be desired. And it's not all about the game engine, but about the special attitude of the authors towards the users of their creation - there is a tendency to deprive the user of freedom of hoice / action, which the manufacturers of modern art RPGs sin so much - "there is a picture - there is no game."

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Данный мод сходу отпугивает своей небрежностью и отсутствием внимания к деталям. Так и видится что создатели мода очень хотели и торопились доделать мод(а точнее саму его идею) до конца(лишь бы он был), но не позаботились воплотить его качество. Торопились занять эту нишу, которую и без них бы никто не занял. А больше всего, наверное, не верили в то, что мод может кого-то заинтересовать.
В итоге мы имеем сырой, объективно тяжёлый, во многом с отсутствующей должной оптимизацией, и перегруженностью лишними сценами, и непроработанными деталями, отвлекающими от погружения в игровой процесс.

В итоге - реализованная идея мода есть, но качество оставляет желать лучшего. И дело не во все в движке игры, а в особом отношении авторов к пользователям своего творения - наблюдается склонность лишить пользователя свободы выбора/действия, которой так грешат производители современных арт-рпг - "картинка есть - игры нет".


I know this is old, but I started playing VC about 6 months ago. If you play the 'story' mode, it is a lot more scripted then I expected. I liked the extra focus on story and some of the scripting was impressive when fresh, but then my save got corrupted (forgot to save in a different slot every time(!)), and I had to restart. The second time through, the scripting got repetitive. So, I restarted a 3rd time, turned off 'story mode', and it has become the classic sandbox experience of M&B with naval combat and other technical improvements. There's still plenty of game underneath.


Well, yes, there are many things to be polished and is overall grindy, but once you get into it, there are plenty of stuff to be done, the game sort of keeps you busy and you somewhat overlook the ****tier aspects. Or at least this happened with me.
One thing that I wonder if stuff is still being improved, considering that Bannerlord is out and the original team works on other games as well, as I've noticed. Would be great if they maybe integrate the "balance mod".
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