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Now, I love fighting in Mount and Blade games. Winning a war is great! However, sometimes it gets to be too much and I want to just sit back and relax and enjoy peace time.

Unfortunately, quests, bandit fights, tournaments, trading goods, and crafting gear is all there is to so aside from beating others armies to dust. Why not bring back feasts? A big party for the winning side of a war? More interaction and things to do outside of fighting. Getting know the nobles of the land. More social interactions. I'm pretty sure there is more that I could be added, but can't think of it at the moment.


My guess is that all this is coming. There are lots of placeholders and potential dialogue options that go nowhere. Also the lack of this interaction is probably why it's just CONSTANT fighting. On my current playthrough I'm on day 345 since joining an existing faction and I may have had 10 total days of not being at war.
We definitely need feasts back. For a variety of reasons.

For one it was what made the game immersive. Lords didn't spend all their time fighting. They also socialized and enjoyed themselves in periods of peace.

For another feasts were the only time you could actually meet the lords and ladies of the realm. This was important because it put faces to the names you'd be fighting alongside and politically competing with. As is I couldn't tell you who the lords of Battania are as I've never really met them. This also became an issue when I set out to find a bride. Feasts were how we learned who the eligible maidens were, but in Bannerlord I had to look them up in the encyclopedia which was a huge immersion breaker.

I also really enjoyed the big tournaments that accompanied feasts where all the lords competed. Some of my favorite moments in Warband involved knocking out a lord I disliked or besting the KING in a melee while still being a lowly peasant. A sort of foreshadowing of my rise to greatness. I am kind of hoping the tourneys we have now are just small scale, simple ones the middle class organize and that we'll get larger scale, more difficult tournaments that go along with feasts where we can compete with lords and kings in glorious melee.

I feel feasts would also be a great addition to Bannerlord's influence system. Throwing a feast could be incredibly expensive but give you a large boost in influence as well as boost your rep with all your guests. This would make holding feasts expensive but vital to gaining political power within the realm, just like real life feasts were back then.

Maybe, and this part is more wishful thinking, we can even ask our lady of choice to a dance as part of an improvement on the courting system. It'd boost relations with her and be a nice little thing we can do so it feels more like courting and less like a job interview.


I think that feasts can cure the snow balling issue that is currently hurting the game (improved but not quite fixed with 1.05) as they will slow down the rapid expansion just like it did in warband. The feasts are also a good opportunity to meet and to talk to the lords of the realm rather than having to run around for hours trying to make friends.
My suggested features for feasts
1) should occur after a city is taken to slow down the snow balling
2) they should give a relations bonus to those who attend to make it easier for players to build relationships with lords (currently very hard / almost impossible) / provide an influence gain
3) They should come at a cost to the player like it did in warband - maybe make it cost influence as well as gold and materials
4) On a side note please make it so lords dont steal from the player's garrisons to increase their army size - it makes it almost impossible to defend the player's lands as the are left unguarded by greedy lords

Please feel free to post suggestions / comments below


You actually make a good point. If AI factions are busy playing political grab-ass over drinks and dinner, they have to take a break from their campaigns.
Lords need to spend more time in towns in general.

They need to build up their forces and actually train them. Instead we have all the pajama chuckl****s running about being squashed underneath my cataphracts.


Lords should stay long time in towns, between conquests, and have several activities available to them in addition of feasts, like hunting, training troops, simply resting with their family, judging criminals, etc...


+1 absolutely Feast. +1 Slow down Lords aktivity (stay more in their Fiefs) +1 more Options to improve relations.


What happened to the feasts that used to be held and there should be more events in the realm or better actions to improve relations with lords more so than just factions


What happened to the feasts that used to be held and there should be more events in the realm or better actions to improve relations with lords more so than just factions
A-freeking-men , so useful in several ways. Would likely aid snowballing too.


+500 hours in single player campaign and a bunch of playthroughs, here are some suggestions:
- Having a Capital city for each faction would actually have a significant meaning in this game, like Warband. This city would be linked with 4 small villages, have a large and improved defence and a really hard city to conquer. This city would stand out, having the palace/court of the King/Queen and elite/noble guards. As it is now, all cities are the same, no real difference.
- The Capital city would also serve a base for the faction, the ruler would have a court here. In many of my games factions have been wiped out way too fast, mostly Sturgia. Sturgia lords are then spread out to the most dominant factions, and they will then be even more powerfull and start removing other factions from the map, a slow version of snowballing. The outcome will always be the same. With a strong capital city, then it would be harder to wipe out that faction, slowing this progress even further.
- Lords that want to join your faction should appear at the court in the capital city and they should have bemands, not just a reload barter thing, but something that would have an impact. If negative relation with that faction, they would never come to court. Be-friending lords would then actually have a meaning.
- Capital city would also serve as the place for feasts, that would improve your relation with lords in your kingdom. With a cost ofcourse.
- Borders, every kingdom have borders. Why is this not a thing in MB? If you cross a kingdoms border, with an army it would considered tresspassing, that could even result in war. Border incidents. Crossing the border with a small party of men, let us say below 50, would not have any consequence, but if you come with 50+ then that kingdom would see it as a theat and would send out armies and attack you.
- Please add more colors for banner design and more logo options. Why only use the colors of the factions, that are already in the game. I want to stand out.
- War, so much war. At my current game, at war with 3 factions, they just declared war, almost at the same time. I have one city, come on. It should be possible to have some kind of diplomacy in this game.
- Armor. Not enough end game variation. Imperial lameller, but no other faction has anything like that. Check the Vlandians, only bucket helmets and low class glowes and shoulder armor. There should be more armor and armor pieces end game.
- Arena/Tournement rewards. All these are more less the same, not main tournement with better prices, like special armor or weapons.
- Special locations on the map, like in VC, where you fight a named outlaw or a bear. Awesome with these special locations on the map.
PS. playing vanilla 1.4 - looking forward to the next patch.


To my knowledge the devs will add feast-type events in the game. I think an excellent addition to the Roguery skill would be to have Assassination queslines in the game. My idea would be it would start as a quest (with highrewards), and then come a feast where youre supposed to assasinate/poison someone, i twould show up as a percentage success/fail rate like the one shown when trying to sneak into cities. This would add consequential gameplay.

Just an idea


So far the game is great but the greatest draw back it has right now in my opinion is the lack of interaction with the AI lords and ladies. The dialogue options are minimal compared to Warband, Courting ladies is not only easier but has no sustenance or interesting depth. Feasting is not present at all which needs to be fixed because it gave lords and the players something to do outside of constant war. All in all I think the interaction with the AI needs to be AT LEAST warband level if not better. Maybe it's gotten better since I've played since it's been a couple months but still. I think these are all important changes


I agree, more options need around this mechanic. Also I would like to see that you could arrange marriage between lords, here could gifts and feasts play a big part, building a dynasty require that your family is married into other families.


I agree, more options need around this mechanic. Also I would like to see that you could arrange marriage between lords, here could gifts and feasts play a big part, building a dynasty require that your family is married into other families.
Yeah, interaction with the realm as a whole is pretty limited right now. I'm confident they will improve on it before release but we have no layed out plan from them on that.


In those days it was just cold business, you married this lords son or daughter and that’s it. the courtship only comes in if you want someone particular yourself.
Everything else was arranged in advance.


If one thing you can add. Add the ablility to send messengers like on the diplomacy mod. It is a pain to have to search for lords who said they were someone today and they cannot be found.
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