Feasts +1 on Greeting

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Hello! :smile:

It has been a while that I don't host a feast on my game, because of wars and other issues.

Until last time, when I "greeted" a lord by talking to him, I would get +1 relation bonus, and +2 with every lord after ending the feast with a campaign.

Now I don't get the +1 bonus on greeting them. They still "Lift a cup of wine" to my health, but no bonus.

But when I end the feast, I still get the +2.

According to my wife, my table is considered sufficient and everything is on great abundance (food, spices, oil, etc.)

Is there anything wrong?

In my version I still get the bonus once per day. It's actually quite efficient and I usually let the feast run for longer than the quest timer. That way I will still get the bonus every day I talk to my guests and the foodstores will not be depleted when the feast ends, as I technically didn't achieve holding it.
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