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I was just curious if anyone had any preferences on the factions.Which is your favorite? Who do you think is strongest? Weakest? Most noob-friendly?

My personal favorite are the Nords(both factions) although the Agonic Order is very cool. Overrall though, I think the Rhodoks are the strongest starting faction. Their infantry is good, their knights are good, and the crossbows seem much more effective to me than the Vaegirs' marksmen. Speaking of the Vaegirs, I find them to be the weakest vanilla faction, as their marksmen(the whole draw of the Vaegirs), are meh at best, their cavalry is kind of ok and their infantry is just sad. The weakest faction overrall seems to be the Aztoac Empire, as their equipment and stats are pretty crappy across the board and they have no horses. The Nords make up for lacking horses by being semi-invincible axe-chucking machines, but the Aztoacs just have nothing going for them. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the real-world Aztecs were far behind in technology and did not fare well against European invaders. That is not to say that they were all weaklings, just that they were unlucky. Maybe the crappy equipment should stay but stats should be buffed? A little more powerstrike and ironflesh to reflect the physical strength of the Aztec warrior class?

As a side note, my favorite weapon comes from these guys.The glorious stick does decent damage and actually has reach, giving you a great blunt weapon for prisoner bonking from horseback. Gone are the days of having to get super close with a mace or use the clunky two-handed maul from horseback!

That's just my two-cents.  What do you guys think?

I agree that the Rhodoks have the strongest starting roster. Their crossbows can win a battle against anything but an all-cavalry force, and even then they inflict some serious damage.

My favorite is the Agonic Order. Their armor and cavalry-focus makes for beautiful and engaging battles, especially when they wage their mini-crusades against the Sarranids.
I'm also a huge fan of how the Turghuns look. In one of my playthroughs, I edited their top tier horses to be a bit faster and a bit less armored, so they actually feel like improved Khergits; loved it a ton.

I agree with you about the Vaegirs. Their basic troops are underpowered, mostly in armor. They are probably my least favourite.
I wish the Nords were a bit more powerful on the campaign map, because they just keep disappearing in my games before they get any good troops.
For the Acztaocs, they do have really high ironflesh, but their low (but expensive) armor doesn't do them any favors. Anything with range tears through them.
i actually like vaegirs, they are overall balanced faction with lots of holdings, but i dislike swadians because they just look too ugly, other than that i really like noregrs and agonics
I wonder if they should make it so that the Azatoc have a special code to them that allows them have far more soldiers than old world factions, this is to reflect that the Spainish conquestiors were often outnumbered more than 10 to 1 by native forces and were reliant on allied native forces to provide the necessary manpower need to avoid being overwelm by the shear numbers of the Aztecs
i love vaegirs and noregrs, i really dont like swadians
Vaegirs are well rounded slavic warriors with vast lands
Noregrs are great warriors
Swadians just look weird
Brennus13 said:
Which is your favorite?
Im always between the Rhodoks and the Swadians. I combine them for the best variety of arms.

Who do you think is strongest?
The own faction with custom troops. Using heavy armored infantry with sword and shields + archers against any enemy. A meatgrinder especially for the "modern" troops.

Zendar. A lot of not well armed infantry with polearms. A feast for archers and heavy infantry. Only one City.

Most noob-friendly?
Swadians. Choose a lot of Knights. F1. F3.
In Vanilla I love Sarranids (I deal with the Middle East IRL). Sure, they have nice cavalry etc, but the main idea is the desert lifestyle. So nice!

Apparently, from the briefing at the beginning of playing Nova Aetas, it is told that the Muslim faction is most powerful one, in comparison to scattered Christians. In-game they are powerful indeed, but currently, I decided to take the side of Zendari.

As for me, Zendar is a nice choice for a self-minded person who does not want to be bound too much with kingdom duties.

Here are my arguments:

1) During all my stay in Zendar, only one time there was a war with Sarranids. Do not remember, but guess that desert men were those who initiated. After some dull military operations there was a truce concluded and now, for the rest months Zendar has no military activities.

This means you can freely trade, have no taxes on war, do not need to change plans suddenly because of the risks.

2) Zendar has a port to the New World. That's obvious. Besides that, it is one of the few cities on the seashore, so it's possible to reach not only the Aztecs, but all other points.

3) Zendari are focused on money and social activities, rather than on war and religious talks. I mean, instead of losing money on war, they gain fame and coins at tournirs and commercial operations. Instead of annoying my character because of her paganic identity, the leader of the fraction just deals neutrally. While Swadi, for example, bother me. Their king even sent an invitation for the tournament and when I came, he pushed a long speech about a nasty sinner with -5 to relations (access to Praven lost).

I guess, these are three main advantages which are enough for me at this part of the game. In future, I consider making my own kingdom either in format of Islam or Animism\Shamanism. Historically, Muslims are more effective because of the social role of their religion, so, I guess, for the kingdom I will introduce Islam and for myself... Well, let's think step by step.

Thus, I consider Zendar the best option for the low\middle game.

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