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In this FAQ I will explain the answers to the most pressing game-play questions.

The current version that this FAQ applies to is ver. 2.52.

Q: How does troop recruitment work?

I have expanded on the native Warband recruitment system.  First, village recruitment is the same as in native except that village troops are common troops that cannot advance into the professional troops.  Still, villages are where you get your common footmen, skirmishers, and archers.

If you own a village, you can opt to build a manor in that village.  Once the manor is complete, you will have the choice to recruit the usual common troops or you can recruit the special manor troops ("Scouts"), which are unique to the faction owning the village.  These Scouts start at level 20 and upgrade to level 25 and are better equipped and trained (e.g., more proficient) than the regular common troops.  For all but the Khergiz faction, these Scouts are either archers or crossbowmen.  For the Khergiz, the Scouts are heavy footmen.  If the village is taken by another faction, the scouts it produces will be that faction's scouts (whereas the regular common troops retain their original faction culture).

I have added recruitment of professional troops to towns and castles.  In order to recruit from towns and castles, you must be affiliated with the faction that owns the town/castle.  You are affiliated if you are a faction lord or a faction mercenary.

If you own a town or castle, you can opt to build a barracks.  Once the barracks is complete, you will be able to hire custom professionals from that town/castle.  The custom professionals upgrade ultimately to either custom elites or custom mounted elites.  The nice thing about these custom troops is that they are well-skilled and proficient and you get to choose what equipment they carry (from an inventory of equipment).  To change their equipment, you go to party window, click on troop, and then select the option that allows you to change their equipment.

You can also recruit farmers and peasant women that you rescue from outlaws.  This is the same as in native Warband.  In my mod I have made the farmers branch into either warder archers or adventurers rather than into the mercenary line as in native.

Finally, I have set a simple trigger to allow certain troops (honor troops) to offer their services to you.  These troops include fighter women, warder archers, adventurers, and mounted nobles.  In order for this trigger to fire, you must have an honor rating of 10 or higher.  This trigger is a random event so you don't know when it is going to happen.  In the next version (version 3), I will make a higher level honor troop for honor over 20.

I have not changed how mercenaries are recruited in taverns but have made some changes to the mercenary line to include skirmishers.

I have not changed the way you can hire the manhunters if you rescue them from capture but have made changes to the manhunter line.
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