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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I create the Teutonic Knights Order?
Although technically you can create a random faction as in vanilla and other mods, this mod is optimized for the creation of Teutonic Knights. You create a new faction as usually, although you need to own a town (castle is not enough), then replace the default minister with a companion, get a chancellor and ask to change culture and choose Teutonic Knights. Wait like 2/3 days too so that it gets updated. Companions you make lords will have teutonic gear and banner. All you need to do either than that is giving the proper name to the faction and get the teutonic banner, but before make them lords remove all items from inventory and what they have equipped to guarantee they equip teutonic gear. Teutonic gear for yourself you can get from Jerusalem and Antioch stores. There are 3 companions wandering the Holy Land that perfectly fit to be Teutonic lords, they're easy to recognize with their German names (actually the names of the 3 first Teutonic Grandmasters).
Why am I not getting revenue from my fiefs?
Talk to your advisors to set your kingdom policies, you need to do this to get money from settlements.
Why am I playing on the Muslim side but I still have warcries and orders in French and also Crusader battle interface?
The folder PLAYER WARCRIES AND VOICE ORDERS has crusader and muslim version for voice on commands and warcries and also crusader female voice, choose the one you want and copy/paste the wav files to sounds folder and sounds.txt to Sands of Faith folder, replace when asked.

The folder USER INTERFACE has optional muslim ui, if you want to change copy/paste the .dds file to Sands of Faith Textures folder and replace.
When I start a new game as a faction leader my vassals have the title of Master although they should have a different one, how do I change it?
When starting as King because of the way how the script works the title of lords become the default player kingdom vassal title in this case "Master", just go to camp menu / manage your kingdom / custom vassal title and replace with the appropriate title.
I see Teutonic troops around even though Teutonic Order wasn't even created, how come?
When starting as King replace your default minister with a companion, get a chancellor and ask him to change culture and chose the appropriate culture, this shall fix that.
I can't see any text in game how do I fix it?
If you have a MAC or can't read the font or just don't like it, delete FONT_DATA.XML from data folder and FONT.DDS from textures folder in Sands of Faith folder to revert to vanilla.
I don't like this or that feature or I would like AI to use formations and etc, what can I do?
Before start playing go to camp menu and look at all options available, there are tons to tweak your gameplay, most of the behavior in this mod is optional. Also for ai to use formations properly (if you want to check it) you must also put ai setting at maximum in Diplomacy options.
The game crash when entering battles/towns/castles, what's going on?
You need to lower graphics settings since this mod is a lot more demanding than vanilla.
The game crash when loading textures what do I do?
On Warband launcher before launching the mod check "load textures on demand".
Why do I have this or that icon? What determines my icon in the map?
The map icon you have depends on the horse you have equipped, for example starting as adventurer you get caravan icon since it's the one for the worst horses and for when on foot, once you get a better horse it will change.
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