FAQ: textures not found (white-blue checkerboard patter): how to fix?

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When OpenBRF displays a blue and white checkerboard pattern, it is because, for one reason or another, it cannot load the dds textures. Possible reasons include:

[*] the dds file is missing, e.g. due to name mispelling.
[*] the material cannot be found. A mesh uses a material, a material uses a dds texture. So the material is needed to understand which dds file should be loaded for a mesh. The material has to be in the same brf of the mesh, or in one brf included in the module.ini file (including commonRes ones).
[*] the texture is in TIFF format, which is understood by the game but confuses OpenBRF
[*] your graphic drivers is old or outdated. Updating the drivers often solves the issue!

When you see a checkerboard patter instead of your texture, you can check under "Settings", and you'll find an option to be told why. For example, if it complains that it cannot understand the DDS format, it can well be the last thing in the above list.

To update card drivers, there are many ways, but, more or less:
in windows XP, under "system" -->"advanced settings" -->  "device manager", select the graphic card in device list, hit "update drivers".

Report here if you still have problems...


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Note:  you should not, under any circumstances, use TIFF for game models, even if the engine handles it.  It doesn't have mipmaps, will perform horribly, will look noisy and is generally like drowning kittens for fun, in terms of performance. 

It's there for UI elements.  Don't use it for armor, please :smile:
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