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Heskeytime said:

That's a shame, the kind of pompous toff i'd hoped on RPing would not be seen dead wearing a Sergeant's uniform or brandishing a musket or rifle.
Like Incognitoandahalf said you can buy yourself a Lieutenant´s commission for around 13000 (higher ranks require more money). All you have to do is join the army and then proceed to the Military Fort, there you´ll find a Liaison that will sell you this commission.
Once you are an officer you´ll be allowed to buy the proper outfit at the Military Fort.
Wanted to leave this here.

So I began digging through L'Aigle's files (BRFs, music, textures), and I found something rather interesting. There are previews of many of Docm's other works, line North and South uniforms, a Carolean and a few strange armour sets.

I think 3rd one is from an old mod docm was helping with uniforms, called Shadows in the dessert. Been a very long time though
I am pretty sure the 3rd one is actually from A Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones inspired armor as the mesh name 'unsullied' implies.
me and a friend are trying to figure out how to put companions in command of things, mind answering this?
little question: why 60th Rifleman can't be upgrated? when you exchange the 95th recruits to 60th recruits, they can't be upgrated further.
Whatever happened to the Tirolean Rebels?
They were included in the release at first but later it was changed.
So far, i figured out this:

0-50 Corporal
50-100 Sergeant
100-200 Sergeant-Major
200- Lieutenant

I'm not quite sure about the first two, as i got those ranks at once.

I keep a close eye on this and update it as i progress.
Hello Docm30 i have been building a town scene with your mod maybe you are interested too take a look in it i have made the City of Porto. :cool:

You can press M key to call your horse in-battle. And the in-battle looting feature after all the enemies are dead/routed is nice.
I wish to ask how to complete the Night Bandits quest given by the Guild Master. I stay at the town at night, I go around the streets but there are no bandits. What I am supposed to do?
Added the commission prices to the OP. Takeda Shingen and Bluehawk figured them out on another thread.
Comrade Temuzu said:
Added the commission prices to the OP. Takeda Shingen and Bluehawk figured them out on another thread.

Thanks, i actually wanted to tell you to include that in this thread but totally forgot :grin:

Btw this should be stickied or something :razz:

I also got the list of books and stats they give, tho it's not really important. If you wish to add it here, here's the link http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,322537.0.html

Oh and another thing that i forgot to mention in my post for commission prices, last 3 commissions, Colonel, Divisional General and Marshal are given by your faction leader, not regimental liason, you might want to edit that so people don't get confused :smile:
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