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We're really busy setting everything up behind the scenes and everything is going well so far. We are currently aiming to have 10 teams of 14 players including the captain (so 13+1). In order to make this happen we need 10 (!) more sign-ups, these will be the last spots. People signing up afterwards will be put up on to the reserve list.

We're urgently looking for these remaining spots to be filled up quick because we would love to do the picking this weekend. The idea is that the captains then have a week to gather their teams together and play some scrims. The tournament will then officially start on the 8th of August.

If we will not reach the desired amount of 140 players by the time of the picking night, we will decrease it to 130. This means that the latest sign-ups will be put on the top of the reserve list.

Isn’t 14 people per team gonna mean people don’t play a lot?
Grynn has been offically unbanned and before people complain, ask yourselves if u want to play a tourney with grynn or not play a tourney at all.
Insulting grynn on the other hand wont help either.
Nothing more has to be said regarding this matter, nothing.
Isn’t 14 people per team gonna mean people don’t play a lot?
Very true, last fantasy league (the carnage gaming one) also had a team roster of 14 players and there were 2 teams which could barely field 8.
People in general might be more active than last FL, but its summer so there will be people not attending and some dropping out, others being not active at all, ultimately we cant do smaller rosters just because many people wouldnt be able to play. (we already increased the amount of teams to 10, which is 2 more than last FL)
Good players might only get 3 sets and bad players 2 at max, but we all singed up for a FL and this is the best way of doing it imo.
Grynn has been offically unbanned and before people complain, ask yourselves if u want to play a tourney with grynn or not play a tourney at all.
rather not play a tourney at all than play with scum.
we made that decision running Mercenaries (and I did personally running my own servers for it). You unbanning him is genuinely pretty ****ing sad.
have some principles.
Inappropriate language
The fact that Grynn has been unbanned from this tournament is pathetic. And taleworlds before you even mute me because I don't give a **** for my language at this point. This guy has DDOSSED the mercs community which he admitted, DDOSSED the matchmaking website 100x over because he is a pathetic little ***** and DDOSSES the servers when he can't play. He has threatened to DDOS the tournament if he can't play and would of DDOSSED the tournament if certain players was playing matches. This kid is a tramp and is the most pathetic excuse for a human ive ever witnessed in my life. The fact this ****ing rat faced **** is allowed to play in any tournament or even matchmaking at this point is a joke, when people who are perm banned on it can be given their chance to play on it or people who cheated in the past and don't know and show proof. But this ****ing retard gets to play when he holds this whole community hostage with what he does. 100% should never be allowed to play in any of these tournaments with the way he is, its pathetic. Most of the community think it and I will have the balls to write it.

Ban me all you want or mute me taleworlds, but this is your own game that you're letting it happen to. Any person from that company look into fixing your servers and prevent these spastic freaks from ruining the fun of others and there time spent to enjoy themselves relaxing playing a game they enjoy and really put time into whilst it's still alive. No one will want to play in a team with him, me for certain will refuse to play in this tournament after picking if I am in his team, and 90% of people will too. But Ronny is doing his best to do this for us all so it is what it is but this is pathetic.

I've said my peace.

Also Grynn if you're reading this which I hope you're, crawl into a hole and die you vermin ****.


you are free to leave, sorry for keeping the game running, something mercs administration wasnt interested in it seems.
oh we were, to the point of paying for servers of our own. Homer shutting down the backend wasn't our fault. Neither was it caused by the DDoS attacks.
They certainly impacted the quality of gameplay for quite a while, but it ended at some point.

Ask yourself this: If we had unbanned him, what would he have done the next time an admin decision regarding him or his friends wouldn't have been to his liking? Considering DDoSing worked so well?
Or maybe, rather ask yourself what's going to happen with your tournament if you make decisions he doesn't like. Might as well make him an admin.

And all that is blatantly ignoring that this community, or at least your admin team, has no backbone what so ever. Man runs amok DDoSing things left and right and you just let him walk all over you. Pathetic.
he will ddos when his team loses or his captain refuses to play him and also theres a risk he will ddos individual players if you join a teamspeak with him.
Im an admin who basically does what the people want, this is an important matter so its up to you to vote.
Stop posting and vote, and we will see what happens.
a vote should show what the right decision is, after all hosting a tourney or managing a module is something you do only do for the community, so i think they should deciede, and not me.
I shouldnt deciede about something that is the matter of round about 150 people.
after all it would be esaier for me to just drop it so i m not bothered with this anymore, but all these people who just want to play this game deserve better than letting the entire tournament get ruined because of what 1 person thinks is best.
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