Cancle tourney or keep it going

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We're really busy setting everything up behind the scenes and everything is going well so far. We are currently aiming to have 10 teams of 14 players including the captain (so 13+1). In order to make this happen we need 10 (!) more sign-ups, these will be the last spots. People signing up afterwards will be put up on to the reserve list.

We're urgently looking for these remaining spots to be filled up quick because we would love to do the picking this weekend. The idea is that the captains then have a week to gather their teams together and play some scrims. The tournament will then officially start on the 8th of August.

If we will not reach the desired amount of 140 players by the time of the picking night, we will decrease it to 130. This means that the latest sign-ups will be put on the top of the reserve list.

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