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i was playing fine yesterday went to play today and keep getting family share is not allowed I downloaded it with game pass on my pc


I´m having the same family share error, I could play without issues yesterday but can´t today
I'm playing by game pass and even I don't share my account I am having this error. Servers are already full of problems but now I can not even login my account to play
It seems like this issue pops up frequently enough. I was just reading two old threads about it. Now I have the same problem as well and not sure what is causing it. Have to wait for a fix in order to play again. I checked my family group and I am the only one, also couldn't find if there is a way to completely disable it.

Anyway, hope the issue can be looked at again to see what is the cause this time.

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We are working to fix this issue with the next hotfix. Sorry for any inconvenience! Thanks for reporting!
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