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It would be nice if we could get some kind of family history tab where we could go into one of our forefathers and see what he accomplished. Like how much land did he conquer or lost, battles won/lost, gold earnt/spent, enemies killed and all that.
Yes exactly. Would be cool with more history and as you say improve the whole encyklepedia so I can see other generals, kings and queens accomplishments throughout the ages.
Well you can - each piece of info is there for everone. But I agree it can be alot better! The Clanpage for example should include a complete list of all members(and companions) ever been in the clan. It could list the biggest things any clanmembers has done, with extended flavour and links to involved charachters(defeated enemies, clan-leaders ans spouces after marriages etc). I'd love to play for 100 years, then sink into the Encyklepedia for an hour or 2 hours of reading the great tale I have just been a part of(Weather the story is mine or my enemies - I might not be the most interesting charachter in the story)!
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