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Fall of the Dragon: The Three Kingdoms
A mod based on the Three kingdoms era of ancient china, To include the maximum amount of famous generals the timescale is scetchy
Current mod members(will be updated regularly):
Maverick Jones ( bus prefect)

The Playable Kingdoms will be:
Imperial Han - leader would be empress He and her half brother He Jin (purple armor and banners)
Empress He
He Jin
Yuan Shao
Dong Zhou
Ma Teng
Liu Biao
Huangfu Song
Hua Xiong
Yan Liang
Wen Chou
Fan Chou
Han Fu
Li jue
Yuan Shu
Gongsun Zan
Jian Shuo

Kingdom of Wei - Cao Cao and Sima Yi etc.. (blue armor and banners)
Cao Cao
Cao Pi
Cao Hong
Xiahou Dun
Xiahou Yuan
Yue Jin
Yu Jin
Xu Zhu/Xu Chu
Zhang Liao
Zhang He
Bian Xi
Sima Yi
Xun Yu
Zhang Ba
Man Chong
Cao Ren
Cao Xiu
Li Dian
Fei Yao
Guo Huai

Kingdom of Shu - Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang etc.. (green armor and banners)
Liu Bei
Zhao Yun
Guan Yu
Zhang Fei
Ma Chao
Zhuge Liang
Huang Zhong
Jiang Wei
Jian Yong
Pang Tong
Fu Shiren
Mi fang
Ma Su
Zhao Lei
Guan Ping
Ma Liang
Wei Yan
Fei Yi
Dong Yun

Kingdom of Wu - Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan etc.. (red armor and banners)
Sun Jian
Sun Quan
Sun Ce
Sun Shangxiang
Lu Meng
Lu Su
Han Dang
Cheng Pu
Lu Xun
Lu Fan
Ding Feng
Gan Ning
Ling Cao
Ling Tong
Taichi Ci
Zhou Yu
Zhu Ran

Nanman ( tribal armor and banners)
Meng Huo
Zhu Rong
Ahui Nan

The Non-playable Kingdoms will be:
Yellow turbans(yellow armor and banners)
Bandits (no banners and black/grey armor)

Some of the armor and weapons that may eventually be included in the mod.


The Starting options will change obviously, almost all the native armor will be taken out, because none of it fits in with china, maybe keep lamellar.
Horse armor will have to change too, so it's going to be a huge project, map will have to change, party icons, It's a massive project, but with dedication and support, it's possible.:

Manxie has already started on some of the models:
Manxie said:
Well Made the sword, and a rough texture.



Manxie said:
Straw shield done and given a basic texture



Still needs a handle, can be added later.
Anyone who wants to help us make the mod + add to the ideas / material would be welcome


Version 1:
Version 2:



(Han was modified to the real Han Symbol thanks to ahseph)

The sigs will be uploaded soon as i have finished the Han one :razz:
Edit: These are just rough ones, but they're Finished !

Shu signature:

Wu signature:

Wei signature:

Han Signature:

I'll do a nanman one soon :razz:


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Kongming.net has a good detailed map with lots of city names. The minor ones (was not a significant cite in both historical/novel) can be used as village names.


Good luck.


Threw up an armour in wings, not textured yet but it is mapped.
It's supposed to be like the Armour in the last spoiler in first post, tell me what you think before texturing destroys it :p

@Manxie: hmm top half looks awesome, waist down need more work on it, I've started messing with models too, I'm going to start with a helmet maybe, then maybe a spear of some sort...
Also i've thought about more troop trees:
Villager --> Shu recruit --> Shu Pikeman --> Shu Vet Pikeman --> Defender of the People
                                                              --> Shu Advisor --> Shu Strategist

                                    --> Shu Skirmisher --> Shu Mounted Skirmisher
                                                                  --> Shu Vet Skirmisher --> Shu Volley master
Townsman--> Imperial Infantry --> Imperial Guardian --> Imperial Sergeant --> Emperor's champion
                                                                                    --> Imperial Vanguard
                                                                                                                        --> White Rider

                                                  --> Han Watchman-->Imperial Crossbowman --> Han Lawkeeper
                                                                                --> Mounted Watchman                                       

@Asianboywonder: Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were generals in their own right, they did battles on their own (fan castle for example), so although they were liu bei's sworn brothers and closest friends, they would have been fighting away from each other a lot of the time. I might try and do something with their AI so that those three always team up for an invasion or defence tho :razz:

@Waldemmar: of corse it's not dynasty warriors or we'd put bright blue and bright pink weapons, make zhang he look like a woman, we'd also put armor and weapons that didn't even exsist at the time, and were never even chinese XD O and did i mention give people the completely wrong weapons ? for example Ma Chao was a famous spearman and cavalry commander, so in dw6 koei gave him.... a greatsword :roll:

@Spd_Phoenix: Omg that map is awesome! Thanks muchly, that should help us a great deal in placing cities etc :smile:


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Waldemmar said:
shure this isn´t Dynasty Warriors?
Will there also the FIghter with the Longsword from Wu?

their from the same company, and Dynasty Warriors was based on the game Romance of the Three kingdoms, Romance of the Three Kingdoms was based on the book also called ROmance of the THree Kingdoms


Will work on the bottom then, alot more detail in that region, trying to keep under 1500 poly, its at 1004 as seen above

did you ever try and fix the map, I've tried a few more times still no luck
Manxie said:
@SPD_Phoenix Did you ever make a map for that?

I tried to make one just now, the land had spikes in that couldn't be taken down and when I went to play it, it appeared to of crashed at "Initializing map"

This is using Thogrims Editor.



Think you could mess around with those till it looks better?

@Maverick try messing around with the current bascinet, I think you could turn that into a few good helmets.
@manxie fair enough, I'll start there then :razz:
Edit: Failed at helmet XD Made a Wushu Broadsword (spoiler 5):razz:
Will upload screenies shortly


What about Lu-Bu,you must put his army.I like this mode like DW you have my blessing to make this xD
Will there be a China and a provinces like in DW :grin: :grin: :grin:


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zeljko92 said:
What about Lu-Bu,you must put his army.I like this mode like DW you have my blessing to make this xD
Will there be a China and a provinces like in DW :grin: :grin: :grin:

He said this mod is based on the Romance... and everyone keeps talking about Dynasty Warriors -__-
Asianboywonder said:
He said this mod is based on the Romance... and everyone keeps talking about Dynasty Warriors -__-

Exactly! THIS IS NOT A DW MOD! It's a Romance of the Three Kingdoms mod! DW is not historically acturate, although a fun game, almost all the armor weapons and  stuff in dw games past dw 3 is made up or in the wrong country (i.e. zhou tai's KATANA! WTF!) or in the wrong time period(tonfa, Nunchuku XD)


If anyone else comes along requesting stuff to be drawn out of DW I'm gonna flip, I think it's been discussed enough now for everyone to know this is based on realistic ancient china and RTK.


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well, not everything out of DW is utter ****, its just historically inaccurate


this picture is actually a pretty good representation of Guan Yu's guan dao



Lol great! A ROTK mod. Instead of putting all these factions that are in different time peiods...

He Jin died loooong before the formation of the Three Kingdoms. You might want to try... Making the mod play in a story-mode manner. Historical Events being triggered or the easy way(Putting only the Three Kingdoms and Nanman for historical accuracy or it can be Yuan Shao, Cao Cao, Sun Ce, Dong Zhou, Liu Zhang, Liu Biao, Ma Teng.... or the more easier way and highly unrecommended... Han Dynasty vs Yellow Turbans)

If you plan to make it like a story... you should try making it start from the rise of the Yellow Turbans where He Jin was the big daddy. Then enuches killed him, Dong Zhou self declares as Prime Minister and disposes Emperor and then put Emperor Xian on the throne as his puppet. People see Dong Zhou being corrupt... they form alliance and attack Dong Zhou...

Famous battle:Hu Lao Gate where Lu Bu fights Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei.

Eventually Dong Zhou burned the capital Luoyang, and moves the capital to Chang An. Lu Bu eventually kills Dong Zhou and forms own faction by seizing Liu Bei's cities... (Tao Qian's general kills Cao Cao's father.. Cao Cao get angry and attack Tao Qian... Liu Bei helps Tao Qian... Tao Qian says thank you... he dies... Tao Qian's fiefs passed onto Liu Bei. Liu Bei gives Xia Pi to Lu Bu and keeps Xiao Pei. Lu Bu was a jerk and attacks Liu Bei's Xiao Pei making Liu Bei lose all fiefs.)

Liu Bei seek help from Cao Cao who was quite powerful during that time...Cao Cao attacks Lu Bu... beats him and executes him. Yuan Shao conquered Gongsun Zan's territories. Cao Cao eventually replaces Dong Zhou and self declared himself as Prime Minister. Believed to be controlling the Emperor as a puppet. Could be true, could be false... was argued by many many people.

Cao Cao attacks Yuan Shao. Yuan Shao had more troops than Cao Cao, but Cao Cao still crushed him by burning down Yuan Shao's supplies(Yuan Shao:MY TROOPS ARE HUNGRY!!) at the Battle of Guan Du.

Liu Bei go to Liu Biao. Liu Biao dies and Jing Province(governed by Liu Biao) was surrendered to Cao Cao. Cao Cao sees Liu Bei as a great threat in future and chases Liu Bei... Liu Bei flees to Jiang Dong... Wu territory to seek alliance with Sun Quan to fight Cao Cao. Cao Cao attacks south with massive army. Cao Cao loses.... Cao Cao flees.... almost died but he was lucky guy.

Jing Province gets conquered by Liu Bei. Ma Teng gets killed by Cao Cao. Ma Chao, son of Ma Teng get angry and attacks Cao Cao. Ma Chao loses battles and seek refuge with Liu Zhang, governor of Han Zhong. Both military geniuses, Zhuge Liang and Pang tong serve under Liu Bei. Liu Bei was advised to capture Shu. Liu Bei succeeds.... Liu Bei also recruited Ma Chao and Han Zhong was captured by Cao Cao.

Three Warlords remain.... Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan.

I am too tired to continue typing... so I'll just stop here :grin:. Eventually Cao Pi, son of Cao Cao overthrows Han Empire and form Kingdom of Wei thus ending the 400 year old Han Dynasty.
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