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This is a thread where we try to find instances of incorrect information being promoted as true. Fake news can be hard to spot, but I have found it to be fun to read over Reddit every once and a while to see if I can spot anything that is off. For instance, from the Reddit front page today:


This was on top for a bit, with 115,000 upvotes. At the time of this posting it is still in the 4th spot on the front page. Just looking at the video, you can probably see why I instantly identified it as suspicious. The post claims that she was an anchor "on-air" who said things by mistake not realizing it was live. The lady in question just so happens to be in a strangely positioned panel on the left side of the video, and the normal fox news logo and headline text in front of her picture.

After digging a bit deeper I found the source of the video:

As you can see, the Tweet says that this was filmed "off-air". So basicallly, I am smarter than 115,000 Reddit users... shocker right? :grin:


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I remember seeing the original treat.
But in all seriousness if you ever see a news article that some new news accusing people of doing insane stuff. Please check it with mutiple sources and trying to look at sources across the political spectrum. If you notice some of the more moderate ones not saying anything about it please just ignore it. Till either articles from decent sources come out or you usually find out it was made up.
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I like the idea of this thread, but I don't know that we can say for sure whether she was on air or off air based on what you provide alone. It's not like Twitter is anymore reliable than Reddit and she does have a history of doing things like this one on air.

I also don't know that it's incredibly relevant if she was on air or not.

And just to keep the thread going, here's some more news on fake news: