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"Failed to pay your troops" message

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I am using v1.1.2 right now and I am getting the message in title above very frequently!
I have over 3M in the bank, but still the game thinks I can not pay my troops and is causing me to lose Moral. Also, my companions come up and say I should pay the troops and get pissed, so I also lose relations!

Any idea what's going on?
That is very odd. It's like the game doesn't see you have money to cover the wages. Are you using mods? Possible correct save file or loaded save. If you save and load the game, does it still happen? Try buying some gear and selling it back immediately and see if it still happens. Make sure you sell it back for enough money to pay your troops for a few days.
Thanks for the reply.
Buying/selling, saving, reloading...all did not make any difference.
I am using mods and have been trying to figure out if one of them is causing this.
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