BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

BEAST is the first Bannerlord Skirmish tournament in Europe.

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Factions for Finals

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Factions for finals

The original random draw gave this result


Ikea has suggested that Vlandia is not competitive atm and the matches would be more competitive and yield a better result if we swapped out Vlandia for another faction.

Captains of teams in the finals may post in this thread whether they want:
  1. Vlandia
  2. not Vlandia

Votes close at 20:00 BST tonight
Any uncast vote will be regarded as a vote for no change as the default option is the factions as drawn before the tournament began.
We will need more than 50% (>=5 votes) to change the factions.

If there is a vote for change then, for each of the 2 maps, the 4 factions that not yet listed for the map will be put in the randomiser and the top one out will take the place of Vlandia in that map.

It is obviously urgent for the teams involved that this is settled asap, as then teams will still have to ban/pick their maps.
Vlandia is the worst faction at the moment. Just ban vlandia from all matchups untill new patch comes. No skirmisher/ no triple spawn. Xbow got nerfed so it's also bad. Just bad bad bad faction and will lose no matter what.
Bros for playing Vlandia
Dm for playing Vlandia
Mor for playing Vlandia
PV for playing Vlandia

RM against playing Vlandia
Div against playing Vlandia
Res against playing Vlandia

Wolfpack kinda against but indifferent

This seems like a 4:4 in best case and 4:3 for playing Vlandia if we ignore Wolfpack

Sinced the original plan was to play Vlandia and since the result is a draw in the best case, I think we should settle for playing Vlandia and stick to the orginal schedule
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