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Resolved Faction-less heroes doesn't appear in fiefs

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No, I didn't use any mods.


If the player clan doesn't join any faction (faction-less clan) the clan members doesn't appear in the fiefs where they are according to encyclopedia (and in reality).
I experienced this with my in-game wife and older brother. When I married the NPC she was in Sibir but when I went to Sibir she did not appear in the keep (I payed the money to enter the keep). Same with brother. I think when my clan pays the entrance payment all clan members should be able to enter the keep.

I had to join the faction as mercenary and they appeared in the keep from that point. Since it was not my intention to join any faction I left Sturgia again and the heroes are not appearing in the keep again.

Thanks for looking into this!


Sorry, it seems both are available in the tavern (instead of keep) which makes sense after all. I checked only in keep earlier. Please close/ignore this one.

Thanks and apologies!
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