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Resolved Faction Leaders In Dungeons

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So 2 factions have been wiped out and all nobles and faction leaders are in a dungeon and I need to talk to them for the quest but I can't Says they can't speak. I left and just played the game thinking they would be released but nope 9 summers have passed and they're still in the dungeon. So I have to restart?? Really don't want to.


Yep. Cutting off dialogue of every prisoner is a very bad gameplay mechanic of questionable realism. You can't even talk to your own prisoners! :lol:


What if I join the faction that has them in prison? Has anyone tried it?
My suggestion to you is; Simply don't do the quest. It's unfinished quest line and won't effect your playthrough.
However if you do want try anyway, I believe there may be a dungeon inside the city scene (not the menu) where you walk up to the guard. (I''m uncertain, I know I've seen it in-game before but I haven't tried interacting with it myself)


Solved. It's okay now I found a way to finish it. I talked to different Noble women in keeps and asked them the question a lot of times and they would give me different nobles to speak to and I just had to find ones not in prison by looking at the faction page (N) lol.
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