OSP 2D Art Face Textures - Completed! Download Available

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Is it just me or do the lod legs and torsos all use the white skin as their texture? It may be like this in Native too. I'm just bringing this up since recently when using these textures in the seven samurai esque peasant village quest I saw a peasant's legs go from white to tan...


Talak: Honoured for the comment mate. Aye looking forward to the Graphical enhancement myself, Kudos to those guys!

Fei Dao: I still have to do you asian faces heh it's been a while. Just things are getting quite busy at work due since school is starting soon, tonnes of products are rolling in, and with the lack of staff, things are starting to roll leaving me really burnt out after work.

I'm thinking about doing another whole set of face textures, just random faces that the public can pick and choose from.


Hey Aquil, nice face textures. Would it be all rigt if I included this in my mod?


Yes, this is still better.

Also, by the way, the quality of the face textures has not changed in M&B - for quite some time.


This looks good and all, it's just that I cant get any of the new faces. I placed them all in my textures folder. First I tried with them in the folder. Didnt work, and then I removed them from the folder within the textures, and just placed them with all the other textures, and it still didnt work.


Upon tweaking one of your faces for my character I noticed "manface_young_4.dss" needs to be renamed "manface_7.dss" in order to replace the original, otherwise it is left unused.


can you include, two body textures, one for young and one for old, it's a bit stupid that a grey haired guy can have a six pack


Right, excellent. Oh, by the way, how do you install mods? I used to know how... but I forgot. The 12 year old brain... yhadda yhadda, yeah, just tell me. Thanks.

furryfrump said:
can you include, two body textures, one for young and one for old, it's a bit stupid that a grey haired guy can have a six pack



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Just copy all the .dds files into the "...\Mount&Blade\Textures" folder.  Backup the files if you want to restore them, or just reinstall.  Doubt you'll need to though, they're a big improvement over native.


Great one man, now where would I get some quality hair, I need to get a fauxhawk on my mister-hero-dude-sir... Either that, or a crazy mohawk :wink: I know I know, not realistic and so forth and so on, but come on, do I really need to wait for some one to make a Cowboys and Indians total conversion mod (wich I've been thinking of suggesting) to get my fauxhawk/mohawk :razz:


Ok well the bodies look good sure but I made my character and the body is all tan and such and the head is pale white lol... looks very odd in the training arena...


dude... this looks awesome.I'm definitely getting this when i get home from work and adding it to the extended calradia mod and native mod.


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Well, these textures look great, I love them. But, why is everyone so tanned in this mod? :neutral:

Also, you need to do the olive skinned guy (that's the one I use). They always forget about him. Hell, he was even removed on a version of M&B!
Can anyone upload these textures to another site since the link is down currently?  I would be grateful for it!  My vacation is coming up and I'd like to have some better faces to look at.  :smile:


Guys is there an alternative links to download the mods, because I don't know why, but the page for download can't be opened by me.  :???:
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