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General of thread  - comrade Morgoth2005

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Be aware that this is just an alpha, not even a beta. By far very little things have been done so far, and this is mostly practice, introducing the basic script. Do not expect much in this version and judge it by potential.

Q) The installer has a lot of ???????. I am confused, what do I do?

A) Don't worry this is just a Russian installer, which a computer without a Russian OS won't recognise. Just enter your default Mount&Blade root folder. It should install just fine and there will be no question marks in the actual game.

Q) No weapons or armour other goods in town. WTF?

A) This is indeed a problem, but they should appear there after about 24 hours when the restocking triggers fire. This will be fixed in the next version.

Q) When I talk to someone in a village or castle, I get "Surrender or die!" but nothing happens. Is it a bug?

A) This is not a bug, but the undeveloped script. This is the basic dialogue for any unit unless stated otherwise so they just speak it. It will be changed in the next version.

Q) All the castles and villages are called Castle 1, Castle !2 and the like. Why?

A) Because it is easier to mod and because Max didn't have enough time to make this. This is an alpha and they will be changed eventually.

Q) Calradia is getting boring. Possible changes? What is the directiopn of the mod?

A) Well hopefully Max is going to go to Europe about the time the game is set. It should not be too hard.

Q) The game starts to lag and freezes at dawn for several seconds.

A) Well this a highly scripted mod, and has lots of gameplay features, and since the scripts code has been seriously increased, it lags. In order to have lesser lag, Max placed all the day triggers to fire at dawn so that lag is reduced overall. Sorry this is't a bug but your computer.

Q) Borcha has been removed! How will I fare without my loyal lietenant?  :roll:

A) No he hasn't! He has been captured by a party of Dark Knights who are taking him to their castle to sacrifice him! Rescue him, or he will be gone forever!

Q) the river pirates quest can still be given, but I don't get the quest in the quest menu and and I can't find a single river pirate!

A) Yes the river puirates quest doesn't exist anymore, but the dialogue remains. Hopefully it will be removed in future versions.

Need anything else, PM me, and I'll; edit in.
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