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BL Coding Extreme Performance hit from very simple mod-- help?

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So I used the modding toolkit to generate a shell mod, then modified parameters in two .xml files (monsters and native parameters) to increase the capsule size of the horse collision box and slightly increase the resistance of humans in collision to make cavalry charges more realistic (e.g. horses not able to just go full speed through a multi-rank shield wall). The mod works, but there is a HUGE performance hit when I place the modified files into the ModuleData folder. If I drop the same modified files in the main game native file directory and overwrite the game files, it works fine with no performance hit. To see if it was the shell I created, I also dropped the files into another mod shell of a mod that works fine and again performance hit when the ModuleData folder is there, no hit when I remove it. Anyone have any idea what is going on?
This is my first attempt to mod this game, so I may be doing something really stupid. I am not compiling Python at all, just modifying existing .xml files and dropping those into the ModuleData folder.
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