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Since I believe every game that has some sort of character creation should be allowed to mess with the deformation sliders, I decided that's what I wanted to do with this game.
So, I've been doing a lot of investigations regarding body sliders and how we could tweak them.
From what I saw, it's not possible to change this on the .NET side, even using Harmony. The reason being that the actual mesh deformation happens on the native side, which is completely inaccessible to us.
I managed to change the min/max values of the sliders themselves but the value gets clamped later on in native, so no point doing that.
The only thing I managed to change was in skins.xml. This XML is loaded in native, and will handle all the deformation keys, and bone scales parameters. We are completely free to change this file, and that's what I did...








I am planning on working on a tool to automate editing skins.xml, since I edited it by hand for this first version (and only for the male adult body type, you have to edit all of the body types to make it work for women, children, etc..).
Not sure if I want to distribute this tool or just output the xml file, because first of all, I understand that some people might be reluctant to execute a random executable from the internet, but distributing the xml file will make it impossible for the common mortal to merge with other mods that edit this xml file.
Don't know if I want people to edit the values in that tool as well... The problem is that there is no immediate feedback on what you change, you have to restart the game every time. So maybe that's something I want to change as well

There is no other way I'm playing mount and blade without this mod now

Here is the XML file if you want to give it a try (MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR OLD SKINS.XML FILE BEFORE OVERWRITING IT):

Show me your worst creations


He will look pretty much exactly like your character, I will update the screenshots if I get it working with other body types, so I can show it working with your child, parents, and brother characters


Reminds me of a program I made for Mordhau 😂 Feel free to use it for inspiration or something if you'd like - the source code is available here.


Oh my, this is beautiful ! How do the helmets adapt to such deformations ?
Pretty well actually! There is a tag for helmet deformation in skins.xml helmet_scaling_factor_min. Even without tweaking values, any kind of head gear adapts fairly well to the deformed heads.

I'm currently working on a mod (not a tool) that will apply these deformations on top of skin.xml so that it keeps the original XML fine if you ever want to disable the mod, and that should also work with mods that add additional deformations.

I could release it right now, but the loading/saving of deformation presets is not finished yet
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