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I need some help when rigging with vertices. I understand how to add weight to vertices, but how do I remove weight?

When I select a few red ones and lower their Abs.Effect, they still stay at the same value.

How to do?  :neutral:


They probably aren't weighted by any other bones, in which case it's impossible to give them no weight. Try assigning them weight from another bone, and it'll remove the weight from your bone and give it to this new one. All vertices need to be weighted by some bone at least.


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Thank you, I figured it out.

However, for some reason, my 3DS Max creates some hard edges when I export my model as SMD.
How do I avoid this? =)





you should be able to reset the smoothing groups in openBRF - otherwise you might have to make your own new smoothing groups in 3dsmax before you export.


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r u using wunderboy's export script?, if not try that one, I haven't had any problems yet....
try ticking "alternate normal export method" when exporting.


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I can't get BRFedit to work, is there any other program/app that can export the SMD file?


Hi, thanks alot for the tutorial, got my rigged mesh into openBRF.  :mrgreen:

Now, some questions. is there a way to limit the influence of a bone on a rigid piece. I'm making some armor, and a couple have rather large pauldrons that are rigged to the shoulder bones, and it would be all good were it not for for some of the more extreme animations (overhead swings), which makes my pauldrons clip horrendously into the head.  :???:

I've tried other things like rigging them to the upper arm (less problems with overhead swings but horrible clipping into the body in other attack anims), rigging them to the thorax bone (arms clip through the pauldrons....) so yeah, less than awesome results.

if anyone has any tips to solve this i'd appreciate it alot. :mrgreen:


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I'm trying to rig my model again, but this is how it turns out.


Any tips on what bones to modify to fix it?


hi ...whant know. can i export the eskeletons to edit mesh in maya.....any plugin or somethig,

sorry for my english.
Thanks for the tutorial

However, i ran into some problems while exporting the rigged mesh. I am using Blender.
Are there any smd export scripts for blender? I've tried exporting using this one script i found somewhere on this forum, however it gives me a C++ error when i import to OpenBRF. 

Anyone want to give me a hint?


Perhaps you can find something here:


First link grabbed off google so check google for more if this doesn't work.
Thanks for the link, although i have tried every single exporter out there.

I have solved my problem though, after a few hours of searching and reading. The blender SMD export script that Hellequin has made for us a while back works perfectly.

The problem was that some new items (i was editing a horse) have actual bone names and not numbers, whereas OpenBRF only seems to understand bones when they are numbered (0-27 for a horse). It does take a while renaming each of the 28 bones in a horse rig, because each number is associated with a bone, getting them wrong results in bones being in the wrong place. Now i got a new rigged horse in the game though.

and again thanks for the tutorial


you should add a picture of the new exported model in the engine as a sample

btw i am stuck on this part

Before we get rigging, we need to export one of M&B’s skeletons to work from. This is easy enough. Simply open up thorgrim’s BRFedit (found here) and open up a BRF with a horse or armor in (whichever you want to make). Once you have done this simply click on the model to export and press “export” near the top. Find an appropriate save location and save it there. When it asks you for the skeleton type pick the one that fits. Usually this will be already picked for you.

i cant seem to load any .brf files in BRFedit, getting an error msg



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I have changed some things to my model but it's almost nothing. I retexture it. Do I really need to rigg it or is there a simple way?

I don't need to rigg every uniform separate, do I?


if there is a model already ingame that is real similar to yours, use openbrf to copy from that model and then right click on your model and click paste rigging. try it out using the the man_walk animation in openbrf.
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