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Greetings to all ;

[UPDATE] Released ! moddb link : https://www.moddb.com/mods/extended-native-calradias-borderlands

I am currently working on a mod which intend to expand the Native Calradia and add 5 more full factions. The mod also extend the worldmap in order to give enough space to each new faction (towns, castles, settlements), and each new faction has its specific units which can add some gameplay mechanics.

Here is the new worldmap :

New factions descriptions :
Xothay Empire (Asian inspired ; will attack Khergit, Vaegir, Phoessanids) :
Samurai = Heavy mounted unit
Hatamoto = Elite Infantry with Pistol
Chukonu = Repeating Crossbow

Braetynia Kingdom (Brittany / Britain, will attack Rhodok, Nords and Swadians ) :
Knight = mounted unit with throwing axes "francisques"
Berserker = Elite Infantry
Saboteur = light Infantry with blunderbuss (you can see that as a medieval shotgun)

Sudestria Kingdom (Byzantine Empire, will attack Sarranids, Rhodoks, Phoessanids) :
Musketeer = mounted unit with pistol
Arquebuser = medieval sniper (long reloading time = can be overwhelmed by good archers or cavalry)
Corporal = Elite Infantry
Cataphract = Heavy Mounted Unit with high defense

Jumnian Realm - provisional name (Northern Barbaric, will attack Vaegirs and Xothayi) :
Wolf Warrior = quickest horse cavalry , but also quite light
Drengr = Elite Infantry which can also potentially mount horse (steal horses on the battlefield)
Ranger = Foot Archer which can also potentially mount horse
(for the two last, fonctionality to be tested on the battlefield)

Phoessanid Empire (Indian / Persian, will attack Xothayi, Sarranids, Sudestria)
Cornac : Mounted Spearman on Elephant
Archer Cornac : Lighter Elephant, with Archer
Trooper : Arquebuser

Very few specific gameplay mechanics added to native :
Gunpowder, which are divided into three categories : Arquebuser, Blunderbuss, Pistol. (you can understand : Sniper, Shotgun, Gun ; each with the medieval one-shot limitation, except for one legendary weapon)
Chukonu : repeating crossbows
In order to give the player more choice in his kingdom's troops, more custom troops have been added (Cornac, Arquebuser etc).

_ This mod is based on Tocan's Calradia : a lot of features already existed in this mod (Diplomacy, Dark Knights...)

_ The mod is easier than the main game at the beginning : you begin stronger, and some tweaks have been made to accelerate some parts of the game (construction / relationship with lords). But beware of the Dark Knights, they are still lethal, even with 250 Elite Harquebusers.

This mod adds 5 new factions to the native game, each one with their particularities. Elephants, Gunpowder and Repeating Crossbows have been added.
- Braetynian Kingdom : Brittany / Britain inspired, with fierce warriors like Heavy Knights, Berserkers and Saboteurs (GP)
- Sudestrian Kingdom : Byzantine inspired, with the best Gunpowder Units (Musketeers, Harquebusiers), Cataphracts and Legionnaires
- Empire of Xothay : Japan/China inspired, with Hatamotos (Elite Infantry with a Pistol), Samuraï and Chukonus (Repeating Crossbow)
- Phoessanid Empire : India inspired, with Cornacs (Elephants), Meharists (Camels) and Harquebusiers (GP)
- Jumne Realm : Nord's Northern Rivals, with Drengr (Heavy Elite Infantry) and the best light cavalry.

This mod is based on Tocan's Calradia and consequently includes most of its elements :
- Dark Knight Invasion (Gunpowder advised to counter them)
- Custom Troops for your faction = these troops has been reinforced and two new has been added, the Harquebusier and the Cornac
- for more detail, you can consult the Tocan's Calradia documentation

Additional tweaks :
- Restore relationship is now easier with the ladies (1000 Gold for +4, 2000 for +9, 3000 for +20)
- Accelerated construction (town management, villages, and siege)
- More Upstanding / Goodnatured NPC companions when they become lords
- Larger army for the player

Full French translation included.

Known bugs :
- Sea travel might crash the game. The next version will correct this by using Gekokujo's similar sea travel , and erase the ports (sorry...)
- Outposts does not always work as expected
- Bandits camps have been suppressed because of too many bugs due to the banners (for some reason..), i'm working on a fix on the next version. On the other hand, there are more bandit's spawning points on the map, so you can always have your favorite punching balls.

For information, i do this mod on my own, and I do not have a consistent modder experience besides some translations.
The objective of the mod is, of course, expanding the native game but also making it less grindy and more fun, with some additional tweaks. That's partially why I have chosen Tocan Calradia as base, but also in order to keep the Dark Knight Invasion.

Credits - Mod base and resources (work in progress) :
Tocan for the mod's base
Gekokujo's Team for the Asian Town and Castle scenes
MiiMoka for the Warband's Reworked Textures
Drakharios for Indo-Persian Armor pack
Narf for his Transitional Armor Pack and Rus Armor Pack
Broken_One for the new female faces (slightly modified)
Rigadoon, Barabas, Deras for the Elephant OSP model
Xenoargh for SSH Samurai Armor
Ettenrocal for GOT Retexture Project (Armors) ; and Peak Town
New woman dresses (Colored Khergit and some other models) from Floris
The_Bowman_TW for Native Scenes Replacement Pack (slight modifications applied for Phoessanid Towns)
Alternate Music by Goldenjoseph
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Thank you ; and well noted for the elephants from TLD. :smile:

I managed to resolve, more precisely avoid, the bug mentioned before and I'm working on troops equipments/balancing. i should test an alpha version in the next weeks and probably publish a first version soon.
You can ask permission for suvarnabhumi mahayuth's 3d asset. They gave it to me so you could try as well. Might be nice to see a southeast asian faction :smile:
Yes I asked them on Moddb. I also asked about Gekokujo's scenes on this forum but not yet answers.
The mod is at a "minimal product" state : everything is OK besides some scenes and ressources meshes like elephants.

I have put OSP scenes for the new towns but not yet the castles. By default, the new factions will have natives scenes but I would like to avoid that.

Remaining to-do list :
- Elephants configuration (OK from S.M. mod and it will be OK too)
- Scenes configuration : About 33 new castles to integrate. I would like to use Gekokujo's scenes for the asian ones (also cities) but I have not yet got their permission. Other castles will be OSP ressources I have collected here.
Quick update : operational mod ; with Gekokujo scenes ; Elephants from SM (but sadly with their native collision bugs) ; English language + full French translation. I would like to release it on Nexusmod and Steam but I did not receive formal permission from the Gekokujo and SM team :/ if anybody can help about that or know someone who know someone... That would be great. Full specs and credits incoming (it's a sort of compilation of skins mods)
Thanks for the eMail Douw, appreciated. Good look with your mod! hope you don't give up.
That looks nice! I'll second friend Tocan and say, don't give up! Gekokujo is fully OSP, as mentioned in the OSP/LSP Mod list, so you're free to use assets (just credit the original author).
The other mod (I won't even begin to try writing the name :oops:), they have been inactive for some time now. There's an alternative. Dariel has made a ton of assets for Indo-Persian inspired factions, they're great and you could check those out.
Hello, thank for your encouragement, the first release of the mod is almost ready, I've added a moddb link on the topic :smile:
Mod released, full V1. =)
I quietly making a V2 with some additions (minor factions) and bugfixes
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