Exporting BodyProperties code for wife born to parents who wedded after campaign start

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I'm on version 1.5.6 and trying to export the BodyProperties code for my wife. Her parents married after the campaign start, so presumably her face was randomly generated, or at least seeded from the parent's face combination.

I'm not sure exactly how the system works, and it's at least partially broken (with a few very rare exceptions, perhaps 1%, all children of a given sex from a given pair of parents look identical to each other), but the children generally seem to inherit some of the facial features from each parent, causing me to suspect that their appearance is seeded based on the parental combination.

Regardless, I'm trying to export my wife's face without using any mods to do so, since CharacterReload has a 'feature' (the author labelled it 'not a bug' on my report) which permanently corrupts the code by altering body proportions and/or facial features from their original values; the changes remain even if you uninstall the mod, with no way to undo them. I was unable to get DCC working to see if it worked better than CR, as DCC evidently requires a mod manager to work.

So I'm using the debug console to kill my character, and then choosing my wife as heir, then accessing the face editor. I can successfully export her from a save where she's 22 years old, but when I try it from a save where where she's 18 years old, the game consistently crashes when I hit the face editor key.

Given that the BodyProperties codes are evidently irreversibly affected by age (that is, resetting the age value doesn't undo the changes to the 'sliders' which occur as the character ages), I wanted to get her face at 18, because she can always grow from 18 to 21, but if I export her at 21, then even if I paste that code into an 18-year-old character, it'll have the 21-year-old facial geometry. That is, if I can't export her when she's 18, then there will never be a way to import the 18-year-old appearance, even onto an 18-year-old character.

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