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The existing encyclopedia is so powerful that it almost allows players to know everything. This works well in strategy games such as "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", but it is not perfect in M&B. The reason is that although it brings convenience to players, it loses a lot of exploration fun. Maybe you can add one Option to allow players to choose an exploratory encyclopedia. The so-called exploratory encyclopedia, now that the function of checking the position of characters in the encyclopedia has been achieved, it can be expanded. It will only show the details of the people that the player knows, including the character, the family, the relationship network and so on. A bit similar to the introduction of unlockable things in The Elder Scrolls. A lot of mods in M&B Warband have similarities: the player only knows his character when he comes into contact with a lord. As for the way of exploration, you can contact them in person or inquire about news. Such a simple function will greatly increase the player's immersion and exploration pleasure.

Summary: Add an option for players to choose the exploratory encyclopedia: except for the player's family, everything is unknown at the beginning, and the unknown things in the encyclopedia can be unlocked by personal contact or inquiring about news.

As for the way to inquire about the news, there are two schemes:
1. Through dialogue.
2. Simplified to be similar to finding the position of the character, entering a new settlement to update, but it is necessary to add a striking message prompt such as "You have newly learned...".

Hope the suggestions will be seen and considered.
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