Exploit: Selling fiefs + Suggestion: Relationship loss when leaving kingdom.

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When you are a vassal of a kingdom, you receive fiefs when you don't have one.
So if you have the last trade perk, you can sell the fief you were granted, and they keep giving you more fiefs, easily collecting millions of denars.
I'm not sure what the best method for fixing this issue is. But, I have an idea which I got from a mod called "Banner Kings"

The idea comes from the mod "Banner kings", in this mod there are two types of ownerships, Legal and Physical. Physical as in you control the fief but it's not actually yours. But you can get Legal ownership in various ways. The mod gave me the idea but I think there has to be some changes to how you can get Legal ownership of a fief. I would actually prefer to call the two types of ownership "Ownership" and "Control".

Suggestion #1:
You can only sell fiefs you own (not only control).

You can gain ownership of a fief by:
A) Taking over a fief by force when you are the king of a kingdom.
B) Taking over a fief by force when you are not a part of a kingdom.
C) Taking over a fief by force single handedly (even when you are a vassal).
D) Buying a fief

You can gain control (not ownership) of a fief by:
A) Being voted by other lords to gain control of a fief
B) Being granted a fief by your king

Note: You can sell or grant a fief to another lord if you own it (not if you only control it).

Suggestion #2:
If we have ownership of a fief as a vassal, I think we shouldn't lose relationship for leaving the kingdom and keeping our fiefs, since we actually own it and it wasn't granted to us by the king. We should only lose relationship if we leave a kingdom and choose to claim ownership of fiefs we only had control over (were granted to us).

There might be room for improvement so write your thoughts
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