Explain Why Automatic Block Direction Was Removed

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There are innumerable threads here, on Steam, on Reddit, and other social media platforms filled with literally thousands of confused people asking why the default block setting from all your previous titles was removed from the game.

I know that the developers and community management are busy, but it shows a real lack of even basic courtesy that nobody has managed to provide them with even a one sentence reply if only to say,

"We hear you and will provide you with answers at some point."

Better yet would be an explanation of why it was removed and an answer on whether it will be returning. Instead the threads have degenerated to insult hurling, rampant speculation, and extreme toxicity because nobody is being given any answers. I feel bad for your moderators. They're left to deal with all the mess and have no better idea than anyone else how to answer any of these questions.

I bought Mount and Blade 15 years ago when it had a two man development team... and I can say with complete confidence that they would have almost certainly answered the question by now. How is it that with hundreds of employees you now can't? Keeping completely silent on this is literally the worst option from a PR perspective.

Your community deserves better.

In short, my suggestion is you provide an explanation as to why that feature was removed, whether it will be returning, and stop the complete shiatshow unfolding on all your forums. Might wanna make it a pinned thread.

They should put it back in but as an option you have to permanently select on for your save at the start of a singleplayer game as to dissuade people from finding a way to toggle it on in options and using it to cheat in mp.
I agree that they should add the option back in for single player, but I would like to leave the merits of adding it back or not for another thread.

This suggestion is that Taleworld's staff explain why the feature was removed in the first place and what their intentions are from here on out.

We don't even know that multiplayer exploits was the deciding factor in the feature getting removed. We cannot have a productive conversation on whether it should be readded until we know why it's gone to begin with.
This adds some challenge and prepares the player for multiplayer.
AGAIN, I am not asking for people to discuss the merits of adding it back or keeping it removed. Please do not do that here. Many people do not care about multiplayer and have no interest in being prepared for it. I am suggesting that we GET AN EXPLANATION AS TO WHY IT WAS REMOVED FROM THE PEOPLE WHO REMOVED IT. Not from you, because you do not know.


This adds some challenge and prepares the player for multiplayer.
Why prepare for Multiplayer?
I did not even want mp in this game as it makes the sp creation time a lot longer... :sad:

But I do not care about the autoblock for now. Would not mind them putting it in either.
Just not now, but maybe by the release of the final game. Other things are more game breaking.
Please, for the love of God, do not discuss personal opinions on autoblock here.

The suggestion is that they communicate with their community on the reason for removal so that we can have a more productive conversation on the issue.

Or, God willing, that the conversation can just end by them saying, "Autoblock is gone for good. It was removed for reason X. It will not be coming back".

Anything to end the bickering, uncertainty, and elitism. Until they let us know why it is gone, we literally cannot have a productive conversation on the issue.
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If you guys want to discuss WHY there should or should not be an autoblock feature, please refer to this thread.

In accordance with the OP, I am here just to make demands on explanations on why it was not present in the game. Any explanation will do. A simple "oh, we forgot it, Callum's mistake, he'll be flogged when the quarantine ends, don't worry" will do. Anything really. A well-rounded argument from the Devs' perspective on why it had to go would also be fine. Anything, really.


Who cares? It's gone. Get over it. Maybe someday it will be back. But it's not today. Get over it.
I am here just to make demands on explanations
Talk about elitism, huh?
Who cares? It's gone. Get over it. Maybe someday it will be back. But it's not today. Get over it.

Talk about elitism, huh?
Yeah. But is it? Apparently not. But we really don't know.

And that's kind of the point, isn't it? You're just as much in the dark as I am, just, apparently, giddy as **** to be there.


Maybe they just forgot about it, or maybe they didn't think it was necessary, or maybe they assumed people would enjoy the challenge. At any rate, speculating does nothing, so make your suggestion and leave it at that. I've seen this one around quite a bit, so chances are with the amount of talk about it that it will eventually be added in again, so chill.
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