Executions lead to more rebellions and instability

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I had the thought that one counter for players that go on an execution sprees to take over Calradia is for those players to experience and freakish amount of rebellions as a consequence for executing lords. The more the player executes and the closer the executions are to each other the more all of Calradia including lords, notables and villagers will hate them. The more executions will some how cause the rebels to be even more powerful than normal leading to them having more units in their armies with higher tier units. Maybe the rebels would fight each other too maybe not but the more the player acts unstable the more Calradia should be unstable to nerf such gameplay.

There could me more types of rebellions like peasant revolts, desserters and dessertion.
I like the idea of calradia beeing self-healing and restock clans-count tohealthy levels. Each extinct clan does leave some kind of power-vacoom after all!

Executions should not be a tactic, it should be a playstyle. If the gain for executions dissappears, the penalty could go down as well.

The more frustrating reasons for players to consider executions should be remedied in other ways(Such as dead factions tormenting the countryside forever).
I like this idea! It's disappointing that executing all (but one) of a faction and keeping all the rulers prisoner forever does ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to change the map. Everything is honky dory business as usual for years and years.
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