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Interesting opportunity but useless since you are considered an outcast in Calradia when doing this.
Strange, I wouldn't have given more a damn to well-thinking guys who are not executing anyone but, instead, attack caravans, villagers, and raid villages...
It is not because it is war that we have to behave like a s*** (attacking civilians :smile: ) - there's no excuse


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*kills enemy lord*

*expects other enemy lords to be friends*

Seriously... who cares what they think of you if you kill them all?


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Nah it's fine and the fastest and funnest way to finish the map! Just butcher the AI lords in the field 1 faction at time, tunz of money and food always, leave 1 lord ruler in each faction so you don't create rebellions, then kill them them all at once and force the game to give you all fiefs, then pass all security and loyalty policies and you can control the entire world perfectly with no vassals or governors! Relations are absolutely worthless, you can even get married to someone from a clan with -100 relations! You can force recruit whatever you want, nothing matters. I can't understate how much of a problem I think it is that it is immensely faster and easier to wipe out the map solo then it is as a ruler with vassals! This should be a serious red flag that the ruler/vassal system is not good enough!



my player execution mod on nexus will help with this, i made it do relationship changes in a logical way, only negative relations for family, friends, clan, faction members

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