BL Coding Exclude units in troop tree from kingdoms (not cultures)

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Is there a way to exclude curtain parts of a troop tree from recruitment by selected kingdoms? or be recruitable only by selected kingdoms?

I am thinking about making a mod that adds Auxiliaries to the empire faction, but I do not want other kingdoms to recruit these.
I also like to add criminal/bandit units to the gangleader notable, but I only want the player to recruit them.
And I would like to increase the troop tree for the empire culture and have different branches for the different kingdoms (N,W & S) that are only usable by these kingdoms.

I figure that just as some units are greyed out if your relation with a notable is too low, they could be greyed out if you (or the AI) are not part of a curtain kingdom. By making this kingdom depended, it would give opportunities to diversify the empire factions without giving them unique cultures.
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