Exclude troops from being shown in the upgrade menu

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Sometimes you might want to keep troops at a certain tier due to the equipment they use. One such example would be the Aserai Footmen which are really nice to use in Bandit Camps due to their blunt weapon and decent damage, thus leading to more prisoners for sale.
If you do the upgrading via the new upgrade menu, you mightnot think on them because you are distracted or just didn't think on the issue, and then upgrade them to the next tier where they get sharp weapons and thus turn usable for stunning enemies to take them prisoner.
Same would be the case for troops that require war horses for the next tier, but you don't have war horses at the moment. True, they cannot be upgraded by mistake, but at least I am disliking to see them listed and grayed out.
Maybe add a sub-list of "excluded" troops. which you can reach via clicking a button inside the upgrade menu. maybe even with a number listing the amount of currently excluded troops so you won't forget in case you changed your mind
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