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Just a simple suggestions of having a different colour exclamation mark, say orange, after completing a quest. So when you go to a town, or a village, or to a lord / lady, you will see that the exclamation mark is a different colour. I'll find it easier to see who to give the quest to.

This is from an old blog, "Dev Blog 08/11/18"

But something like that.


Yellow/orange exclamation mark is reserved for the main quest. We should keep with the current design and maybe supplement the blue exclamation mark with something like a checkmark, like the icon that shows up for the successfully completed quests in the quests screen, but a little bit different.


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Yea, but I was talking about when completing the quest you would see, (a check mark perhaps), on the map and on the people's portrait, just to indicate who to give the quest to, or who to speak to, to complete the quest, if that makes sense?
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