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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: When i set a wage limit on my fiefs the wage actually decreases and more troops desert

I think it is because some troops are automatically upgraded (great!) , but then the wage increases, recruitment stops beforehand, but as the total wage now exceeds the set amount, the troops desert (mostly or all being fresh tier 1 recruits).

If you set the wage limit a bit over the current wage, they recruit tier 1 troops, then upgrade some of the higher tiers, and boom the wage exceeds the set amount and they have to desert some of the fresh tier 1 troops.

The feature to autorecruit is super great, it improves the rate a player gets rare troops (like vigla or aserai youth etc) but, you cant create a party to lower the troops count remotely, which disrupts the game flow.

It would be easy to fix if you can assign a clan member to a fief, then unassign him/her from his governor post, then click create party, and the garrison window popped up to move garrisoned troops from the fief to the newly generated party.

I know troops management and Prisoner management is a lot of work, but as i have a couple thousand play hours and i would love to spend more time in actually doing politics, smithing or any other noble endeavour i would love to lessen the burden on micro management of troops. (Traveling to fief, converting prisoners, create party, manage garrison etc etc )

Because i also noticed since 1.5.10 , some of my companions i create a party remotely, they wander off alone without recruiting any troops (in a city with lots of notables and available troops) and some recruit them all. The solo ones usually get caught by looters and back into the waiting line....

How to Reproduce:
Having companions and owning fiefs. Using the new set max wage feature on fief parties. Let time pass to see deserted troops info popups.

Have you used cheats and if so which: no
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I have the same issue. currently I own 2 towns and set the wage limit to 800 denars each.
Although the troops cost a lot less, between 400 and 600 denars, about 2 troops desert every day from the garrison.
I uploaded the latest autosave.
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