Everything in this game is stupid

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Every time I turn around I realize that every aspect of this game is totally imbalanced and just outright cheaty.

Lords dont behave the same way, they can just pull men out of their asses without any regard for village recruitment, budget, they just appear even when you have to run all over to find them yourself. Worse, when you go to raid a village, you are pinned in place so they can attack you. They dont get pinned and so you have to chase then across the map because those chicken****s have 30 men to harass you with, even though you cant raid a village with 30 men without twice that number in farmers beating your ass. They dont have to battle peasants, but you do. They dont have to manage a budget, but you do.

Then when you go to make your own kingdom every god damn one of them shows up to pillage your village. Even kingdoms I have good relations with declare war on me for no reason. I cant even leave my kingdom because of the nonstop line of UN troops that keep marching on me like the whole world is a unified army. I chose norway to conquer because its isolated and ****ing ireish come over by the thousands to pillage my villages... what the ****? are there no wars anywhere else on the map? am i the only place on this planet? the other 17 factions im at war with have no rivals in their own god damn back yards? for real?

Then i go and give villages to lords and look at that, i cant recruit from my own villages anymore, because i need permission from my vassals, and 'i need to earn their trust' IM THE GOD DAMN KING! I WILL BEHEAD YOU IF YOU SMART OFF!!!

This game is bull****.
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