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Everyone's an idiot sometimes.

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So...I went to engage an army. Got the pop up to attack them and clicked it...only I did it quickly and missed. I hit the surrender button instead. I outnumbered the enemy, my troops were more powerful. It would have been an easy victory. However, I immediately surrendered. There was no 'are you sure' it immediately happened.

1) I initiated the contact
2) We had not even started fighting yet.

Can anyone tell me why I would intentionally go up to an enemy and say "Hi! Excuse me for interrupting, but you wouldn't mind if I surrendered to you, would you?"

CAN WE PLEASE GET A "ARE YOU SURE" POP-UP WHEN YOU SURRENDER? I don't believe I have ever intentionally surrendered in the game. The opponents have never surrendered to me, even when I have literally outnumbered them 300-1 (kind of curious why not). I see absolutely no advantage in this game to ever surrendering to an opponent. Alternatively, you could just remove the surrender option I suppose.


Something I didn't even note is that I lost a few hundred horses, including some war horses, various good equipment, over 400 food, etc because of one lousy click that serves no purpose.


It´s fun, when you press Attack, even with odds in your favour, you get the "B-b-b-but I don't want to fight you!"- as is a kind of "are you sure" - box


True, Spyware, poor wording on my part. I was, of course, referring to other lords/nobles never surrendering.
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