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Hi, im playing Warband ( Native Expansion mod ) and its been more than 200 days since my kingdom has been at war. my main capital is Dhirim i like it because its more ''centered'' around the map. in native expansion every kingdom has 1 ''elite'' unit ( well 2. but 1 elite building that produces them ) so currently i own all from the vaegirs except Reyvadin ( their capital ) and everything from the nords is gone. either owned by me or the swadians. they only have Sargoth left. but the problem is, they are stacking up alot of elite troops. my vassal got a city with a elite building in it aswell. he currently has 340+ of both troops stationed in there + he takes another 100 with them on patrol and what not. can the enemy read when im to powerfull to attack? my right to rule is 81 and my honour 121 atm. i sit around 1200~1400 renown. it degrades very quikly if i reach 1500+

let me explain the elite units for people not familiar with this mod. every faction has their own noble and elite units. ( elite units can only be obtained by the rulers. or due to rescue them from bandits )
Nords have : Valkyries and Einherjars ( excuse my grammar with these names )
Swadians ( Paladins and Priests )
Vaegirs ( Sentinels and knyaz's )
Khergits ( cant remember the names sorry. )
Sarranids ( dont know the exact names of the sarranids but theyr op though :sad: )

ive have alot of border accidents with the swadians / nords / vaegirs / khergits / rhodoks. but nothing seems to trigger a war.

only 1 elite building is allowed per faction. ( you can get 2 if you capture a city build elite building then capture the enemy their capital aswell )
Klargus 340 khergit elite units.
Doru 200 + vaegir elite units. ( sentinels and knyaz )
me 300+ swadian elite units ( paladins and priests )

now you might think. ohh but you can steamroll them over. actually no. for some reason they only have 1 city left and the king from the Vaegirs is flexing around with 800+ troops. the only way id be able to defeat him is to call in every lord and then ''attack without being there'' so only the troops attack. even the vaegir nobles can quikly take care of a wall of priests / paladins. they are really strong in offense and defense due to their bows. so lets say i did that. now his capital remains with 500+ sentinels and knyaz by the time most of my troops reach the ladder they will all be gone. sentinels are like AI with aimbot. im sorry im going way off topic here. what i want to ask was.
is there a way to provoke a war before they have a army so big they become unstopabble? im currently trying to get most of the rulers on my side for when the Dark Knights invade. even the ''peasants'' tree from the Dark Knights can quikly take care of these elite troops. so they might look strong now. but ive had in another save where they completly took over the whole map within 6 months. sorry for my english. ive tried to explain it the best i could.

TLDR : how to provoke a war

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You can start a war by going up to another faction's peasants/farmers and attacking them, attacking another faction's caravans, or by simply going up to one of their lords in the field and initiating hostilities.
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