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Summary:Been playing this since day one game pass release on Xbox Series and need I say the new update looks great even in performance mode but I've run across problems that other users have had too in the forums.. every time it auto saves for about the third time of just starting to play it starts taking a ridiculous amount of time like maybe a minute and a half or two.. another bug or problem I've run across since the new update is about after sitting through the long saving intervals the game will crash and dashboard randomly after about a hour of playing.. I'm sure it has to do with the new update I would appreciate it if you looked into this because a lot of people are experiencing this as well.. thanks
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Every time I try to fight it crashes tried to take omor 4 times crashes every time tried the castle next to it crashes disbanded army tried a single battle crashed again driving me wild!
Something broke in the update I'm thinking it's all of the Bob Ross clouds they added to the game..
Also had this on series X. I have auto save set to 30 minutes and after a long game session one auto save will take considerably longer than usual. Going to xbox dashboard speeds it up and i normally close the game after the save is completed. I've also found loading the game (on both console and p.c) is noticeably longer than before the update.
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